Honda CB Unicorn 150 discontinued

Honda CB Unicorn 150 discontinued

1st Jun 2015 4:35 pm

Older Unicorn no longer listed on Honda’s website; some dealers offering discounts on leftover stock.

Honda Motorcycles India has officially discontinued the regular 150cc CB Unicorn. The phasing out of this motorcycle was looming ever since the latest iteration, the CB Unicorn 160, launched in December last year. As things stand, the 150cc Unicorn has been taken off Honda’s official website, thus marking the end of one of the most successful bikes in the Indian market.

First launched in 2005, the Unicorn not only registered good sales figures consistently and give impetus to the brand, but also boasted of benchmarking comfort levels, most of which was because of its outstanding ride. The Unicorn, even today, is considered as one of the most reliable commuter bikes around.

Over the years though, competition in the 150cc segment has been progressively rising. Until now, Honda itself had three models competing in the segment — the CB Unicorn, CB Trigger and the latest CB Unicorn 160. The step to discontinue the older Unicorn seems logical to avoid cannibalisation in this heated segment.

While the Unicorn name will be carried forward by the 160cc offering, some dealers still have leftover stock of the previous model, and are offering handsome discounts ranging from Rs7,000-15,000 to clear it. These offers obviously, are region specific. The CB Unicorn is still a great bike for the everyday commuter, and at a discount, it makes for a very attractive buy.

Suraj Kannan

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