Harley-Davidson LiveWire unveiled in India

Harley-Davidson LiveWire unveiled in India

27th Aug 2019 6:52 pm

LiveWire is supposedly capable of going 235km in the city, 113km on the highway, and is claimed to go an average of 152km on single charge.

Harley-Davidson has unveiled its first production electric bike, the LiveWire, in India. The all-electric performance bike has been showcased in India around a year after it made its debut in the United States in production-ready form.

The LiveWire’s motor produces 105hp and 116Nm of torque, which helps propel the bike to 100kph in a claimed 3secs. The LiveWire also gets some high-end hardware and fully-adjustable suspension. Moreover, the bike also has a 4.3-inch TFT display that features Bluetooth connectivity. Electronic aids come in the form of a six-axis IMU-assisted ABS and traction-control system, and seven riding modes – Sport, Road, Rain, Range, and three custom ones.

Using a conventional AC wall socket, it reaches full charge quite slowly – 12.5 hours to be precise. However, Harley claims that the DC fast-charging option can do the same in just an hour. On a full charge, the LiveWire is supposedly capable of 235km in the city, 113km on the highway, and an average range of 152km.

Earlier this year, Harley-Davidson also announced the US pricing and pre-order availability for the LiveWire. At $29,799 (about Rs 21 lakh), it’s an expensive motorcycle; more expensive than Harley's entire Touring range. If Harley decides to bring it to India, expect it to cost between Rs 32-35 lakh (ex-showroom, India), which is pricey but the LiveWire is not a bike Harley expects to sell in large numbers. Instead, it is a halo product that marks the bike maker’s entry into the electric two-wheeler space. While the American brand will continue making petrol-powered offerings, electric vehicles are also now a priority and the company has said that there are more affordable versions coming in the future.

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