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Ducati-powered 205hp Vyrus Alyen revealed

8th Apr 2020 7:00 am

The unique Alyen motorcycle will be available in limited numbers and carry a hefty price tag.

Vyrus is a motorcycle manufacturer based in Rimini, Italy. Like most limited-run, high-end motorcycles coming out of the country, Vyrus’ models also carry a hefty price tag, starting at around Rs 45 lakh. However, that’s not what makes the Vyrus Alyen unique; it’s the design, craftsmanship and materials used that makes this motorcycle stand out.

The Italian brand describes the Vyrus as “a story of passion, art and competence.” The company says it approached Alyen with “a philosophical attitude, emphasising art expression, as essence of an artistic concept for a traditional motorcycling use” and they weren’t kidding when they say that. The Vyrus Alyen looks like nothing we’ve seen before. Its unique proportions and over-exaggerated body panels result in it looking like a spaceship from a sci-fi movie.

The stealthy-looking Alyen also uses a significant amount of carbon-fibre. Most of the bodywork, as well as the wheels, are made out of the premium, lightweight material. While the seat looks like it uses Alcantara, we can’t be sure of this until Vyrus reveals all the details.

However, it’s not just all show on the Alyen. It uses Ducati’s 205hp, 1,285cc L-twin engine paired to a 6-speed gearbox, and is housed in a magnesium frame built by Vyrus. Other mechanical components from the company include a unique push-rod type suspension at either end. Vyrus is also known for its hub centre steering and that can be found on the Alyen as well.

The price tag for the Vyrus Alyen is still unknown, but don’t be surprised if it's astronomical.

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