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Ducati mega monster revealed

27th Jul 2010 7:00 am

Ducati goes mega, monstrous and macho.

M’s definitely the magic letter at Ducati these days. Having blown us away with its outstanding Multistrada 1200 — the future of motorcycling, today — the Italian bike maker went on to launch the gorgeous Monster 796. 
Ducati has always been known to sculpt beautiful bikes but routinely producing groundbreaking new bikes is quite an achievement. Just when you thought it couldn’t get much better, here’s news to send the Ducati buff in you revving.
Big is in, with a ‘Mega Monster’ near-ready and raring to go. Close-to-finished bikes are already testing on public Italian streets, so expect to see the double-M leaving Ducati shelves worldwide (hopefully in Indian showrooms too) within this fiscal, perhaps sooner.
Think Ducati, and we think compact, lightweight, track- bred sportsbikes that go around corners on rails. Think again, for the Mega Monster is a big departure from typical Ducati styling. Sporting a heft unlike any motorcycle to leave its factory, enormous and as long as bikes come, the double-M is certain to have the Yamaha V-Max and Harley-Davidson V-Rod break into a sweat. 
Styling is typical low-slung roadster, brawny and macho, with gigantic tyres that will have most cars turn green. Wide handlebars with smartly detailed mirrors will stretch back from a large headlight to the rider, who sits comfortably upright on a wide, low saddle that swoops up towards the double-M’s large tail. This distinctive section houses split tail-lamp strips below which floats a neat, single side- mounted numberplate.
A duo of silencer canisters occupies one side in an under-over configuration. 
Large vents positioned on either side of a huge tank duct air to the engine bay. A Ducati isn’t a Ducati without a trellis spine, which is visible over the Mega Monster’s exposed engine. A mini fairing bolts under this bike’s belly. 
One can safely expect the Mega Monster to deploy a monstrous capacity, four-stroke, twin-cylinder engine with Ducati’s famous desmodromic valves and eye- popping torque output. Expect tyre-scorching acceleration and intimidating straight line performance, as are hallmarks on motorcycles like these. Final drive is to be via a chain.
While mechanical details remain under cover for now, expect the Mega Monster to use large diameter front forks, a single-side swingarm at the rear and a horizontal format rear suspension system. 
Stay tuned for more on this exciting new Ducati.
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