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Benelli 600N, Imperiale 530 patent images leaked

11th Apr 2020 7:00 am

The 600N and Imperiale 530 were scheduled to launch in May and July, respectively, but may be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier this year, we’d reported that Benelli was looking to introduce multiple new models in 2020, and now, design patent images of two of those bikes – the TNT 600N and Imperiale 530 – have surfaced online. 

While images of the 600N have made their way online before, this recent one reveals that the bike has undergone some more revisions to its design. For example, it uses a new headlight design that makes the front end resemble the Kawasaki Z1000. The tank and side panels have undergone some changes, too, making the bike look more chiselled. More importantly, this new image also reveals what appears to be a digital display – whether it will be a TFT unit or not, remains to be seen. Another change is that the 600N will employ an underbelly exhaust, unlike the underseat pipes on the 600i. 

The current Benelli 600i is powered by a screaming, inline four-cylinder engine that develops 86.2hp and 54.6Nm of torque. It’s likely that the company will install the same engine in the 600N and that it will sit within the same frame. However, power and torque figures may change after it’s tuned to meet Euro 5 emission norms internationally.

We could see the 600N replace the 600i in Benelli’s portfolio, or the manufacturer could be developing two different iterations of the bike to cater to different markets. We say this considering that Benelli has just updated the 600i as well for 2020.

The second motorcycle that was revealed in the design patents is the Imperiale 530 and from the looks of it, it’s nearly identical to the Imperiale 400. The Imperiale 400 is powered by a 374cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that produces 21hp and 29Nm of torque, while the larger engine on the Imperiale 530 will produce higher output figures – by how much remains to be seen. Visually, there’s not much that separates the two – the Imperiale 530 uses a single-piece seat in place of the spilt-seat on the 400 and it also lacks a grab rail. That said, these changes aren't necessarily what the bike receive when it goes into production, and we could see Benelli introduce more elements that will further differentiate it from the Imperial 400. 

According to the timeline that surfaced online early this year, the 600N was scheduled to debut in May, followed by the Imperial 500 in July. Now, with the coronavirus pandemic affecting production world-wide, it’s likely these dates will be pushed back by a couple of months.


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