• The Arch 1s
    The Arch 1s
  • ARCH 1s' fuel filler
    ARCH 1s' fuel filler
  • Arch's Method 143
    Arch's Method 143
  • The Arch KRGT-1
    The Arch KRGT-1
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Arch KRGT-1, Arch 1s and Arch Method 143 showcased

10th Nov 2017 6:49 pm

The new Arch models were introduced by the company's co-founders, Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger.

Arch Motorcycle Company announced its new model line-up at EICMA. The three motorcycles on offer will be the KRGT-1, Arch 1s and Arch Method 143 – all being sporty takes on cruiser motorcycles. These niche hand-built motorcycles, introduced by the company's co-founders Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger, will feature premium equipment and be built out of the manufacturer’s Los Angeles factory.

The company has machined over 200 custom parts out of billet aluminium, which have been used on the KRGT-1, Arch’s first production model. The company says that the KRGT-1 is a performance cruiser that can be ridden aggressively and also be comfortable for long distances. Powering it is a 2,032cc V-twin engine which sits in a steel frame. The sub-frame, however, is built from CNC-machined aluminium. Every KRGT-1 will be equipped with an Ohlins front fork and premium BST carbon-fibre wheels. The buyer will also be able to choose between forward or mid-placement of the foot controls.

The Arch 1s is an evolution of the KRGT-1. It offers a more aggressive riding position compared to its sibling. The motorcycle too uses CNC-machined aluminium and carbon fibre extensively. Another big change is the addition of a single-sided swingarm. The 1s uses the same 2,032cc V-twin engine, but here it sits in an all-aluminium frame. The 1s sees the use of carbon fibre on the tank and the wheels.   

The Method 143 is the company’s flagship and is limited to 23 units. Materials used on the 143 are leather, carbon fibre and aluminium. The 143 uses a larger 2,343cc V-twin motor, and the single-sided swingarm on this motorcycle comes with a carbon-fibre cover. The Ohlins fork also features a carbon-fibre air foil. Like the other two models, the Method 143 also gets carbon-fibre wheels, but you also get a carbon-fibre/titanium exhaust here.

Arch Motorcycle recently partnered with Suter Industries to set-up the European distribution channel.

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