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Honda Shine 4050km report

29th Sep 2009 7:00 am

Shine on you little Honda - The Honda Shine is a faithful urban commuter companion, never missing a beat.

The Honda Shine is a faithful urban commuter companion, never missing a beat. 

The Honda Shine has made a perfect foil for a tough urban commute. This 125cc machine offers a comfortable and upright riding posture which is a real boon while negotiating city traffic. Its silken engine with well- spaced gear ratios provides the motorcycle adequate overtaking capability and the gearbox always stays light and precise in use. An ease with which its controls operate further contributes to stress-free commuting. There are no vibrations either in the handlebars or through the footrests and this definitely adds to the riding experience, especially on a long commute.

The Shine’s seat is comfortable when riding two-up, and provides good support even after long periods spent in its soft saddle. Coupled with a well-sorted suspension, it all adds up to a really comfortable riding experience. When I was shifting house, the Shine was a very sturdy and faithful companion for moving assorted odds and ends, and the ease with which one can negotiate crowded places is a big plus on this bike.

The tyres on this commuter bike are narrow, which sometimes cause me to lose confidence, this especially so when riding on a wet surface. Braking is progressive and very effective, always offering a decent level of feedback. This little Honda truly shines in the city, where its nimble and light handling make it just perfect for negotiating little gullies and crowded traffic light situations.

The light and petite Honda isn’t however a bike engineered for highway excursions, and is one we thus leave at home when venturing outside city boundaries. The bodywork is showing some small signs of wear, which we admit though as partly our fault for having no choice but to frequently leave the bike parked exposed to unduly harsh Mumbai elements. Yet, switches remain the only major grouse with this bike, as after a heavy monsoon its horn seems to have developed a mind of its own. But then these are minor niggles which are associated with most bikes, and I will wholeheartedly recommend this bike to anybody looking for an effective, quality tool for urban commuting.

Fact File
Price when new Rs 50,881 (ex-showroom, Mumbai)
Wheelbase 1265 mm
Kerb Weight 122 kg
Power 10.3 bhp
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