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Bosch AQT 35-12 pressure washer review

6th Aug 2014 8:50 pm

Its monsoon time, which makes it the perfect excuse to sample Bosch’s compact car and bike washer.


Over a period of a hundred years, top German brand Bosch has produced a variety of solutions to improve their impressive range of existing products, apart from inventing many more as well. Be it mobility solutions or home improvement solutions, Bosch has a long list of patents to their name. Being in the thick of the monsoons, we’ve just got our hands on the recently introduced Bosch Home and Car Washer, model AQT 35-12.  

This smart looking dark green, matt finish pressure washer from Bosch features a compact design, keeping the weight low at only 5.5kg. It takes up no more space than a medium size backpack in the flesh, even fitting neatly onto a cupboard shelf with its handles carefully folded away when not in use. Essentially, the machine consists of a main pumping unit, an outlet leading to a water gun and a water connection inlet, plus electricity supply cable that fits into your everyday home plug socket. The main unit is equipped with a 1500W motor and a tough set of wheels for easy mobility. Setting up the machine takes no more than 5 minutes once you’re familiar with the way everything snaps together into place, and Bosch has ensured everything feels good quality, with waterproof materials in place all round. The machine is soon ready to spray out a sufficient 120bar of compressed water and air at your the dirty vehicle, be it a car, scooter or bike.

We tested the Bosch washer on a Triumph Tiger 800XC, just after riding the bike extensively off the off, making sure we gave it a full doze of rain, muck and slush; which meant there was a considerable amount of dirt was on the bike. Then to work with the Bosch washer; we first attacked all the grime with its 90 degree nozzle to remove dirt from beneath the vehicle. The 90 degree nozzle isn’t available with other rival washers in the market, and proves really handy as it negates the need for you to crouch and kneel to reach nooks and crannies under your vehicle or wheel-wells. Up next, the point and shoot rotary nozzle does a fine job to firmly blow off filth from the vehicle. The gun is light, sits nicely balanced in your hands and is easy to use with the handle designed to provide a firm grip. Operation is simple, the pump only working when you activate the washer, and the machine proves useful around the home too. Various other nozzle heads are provided, such as a wash brush, a suction nozzle and an optional patio cleaner which we didn’t get a chance to use. There’re also extension cables for individual requirements, although we found that the standard length pipes and cables were long enough for regular use.

The AQT 35-12 is the middle option in its model range of three pumps. Bosch tells us it uses a minimal amount of water, working more efficiently than its rivals in the market, and we found the motor makes no more sound than required while operating, emitting no smoke or foul odor. There’s also a special small suction nozzle integrated with the machine which lets you use a soap spray. The AQT incorporates a couple of convenient pockets around its body that allow you to stow away some of its optional kit. There are smartly designed tags too to wrap the power cable around, and the pipe coil holder as well.

A quick look at the Tiger 800XC after it had a good hosing down at the AQT 35-12’s hands tells us this is a really great machine to have handy, provided you have the space in your parking to use it. We recommend this well priced machine (Rs 13,999 in Pune).

Just please don’t try to wash your dog with it.

Rayomand Darius

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