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Modifying the Toyota Fortuner

8th Aug 2017 1:00 pm

Shifting to larger wheels on the Toyota Fortuner.


I bought a Toyota Fortuner 2.8 diesel AT in 2016. Was it a good choice? Also, should I get new wheels instead of keeping the stock ones. I am curious to see if I can install 19- or 20-inch wheels in my car. Will it have a huge effect on my Fortuner’s performance?
Shivam Aamra, Amritsar

AAA The Toyota Fortuner is a good choice and congratulations on the purchase. However, the idea of upsizing to 19- or 20-inch wheels is not a particularly good idea, especially so early in the car’s life. Firstly, you are most likely to void the warranty, which means if your suspension gets busted, Toyota will refuse to replace it because it will be seen as a result of an aftermarket alteration. Secondly, the ride quality will suffer, which isn’t great to begin with. Also, the large wheels will most certainly foul with the wheel arches, necessitating modifications to the suspension and even bodywork.

Our advice is to stay away from extreme modifications for a couple of years at least, and enjoy the mile-munching capabilities of your SUV. If you want to go off-road once in a while, there are plenty of tyre options available in stock sizes which will give you a nice balance of on- and off-road performance. Michelin’s LTX Force range is well worth a look for a tyre that works well on tarmac and allows you to exploit your Fortuner’s off-road capabilities as well.

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