Government makes a U-turn on speed governors

Government makes a U-turn on speed governors

6th Sep 2018 3:15 pm

Plans are being made to abolish speed governors that were mandated on all commercial vehicles last year.


According to Union Minister for Road and Highway Transport Nitin Gadkari, the government will abolish the mandatory requirement for commercial vehicles to have speed governors installed. Speed governors were mandated for all commercial vehicles in May last year, following an order from the Karnataka High Court. However, the move was met with criticism from the transport lobby, despite its safety benefits.

Speaking at the 58th SIAM annual convention, Gadkari did not reveal a timeline as to when the rule will be abolished. Meanwhile, commercial vehicles owners will have to continue using the device that limits the top speed of their vehicle. The Ministry will also have to amend the Central Motor Vehicles rules, abolishing speed governors entirely. 

Currently, the speed governor restricts the top speed on buses and taxis to 80kph, while trucks have their speed restricted to 60kph. Three-wheelers and school buses have to adhere to a 40kph speed limit. 

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