Auto Expo 2018 live blog

Auto Expo 2018 live blog

8th Feb 2018 2:08 pm

We bring you all the news and updates on the Auto Expo 2018 in this live blog.


15:21 You can check out our gallery to catch up with all the action from the Auto Expo.

15:19 And that's a wrap! If you're visiting the Auto Expo this week, stop by our stall at Hall 1 and say hi

14:52 First deliveries of the Uniti One EV intended for 2020 with prices starting at Rs 7.14 lakh

14:51 The Uniti One has a single charge range of about 200Km.

14:50 Next up is Uniti's electric car - the Uniti One. The electric carmaker plans to bring a five-seat configuration of the EV to India.

14:46 For those of you who don't know... 'TCA' stands for 'Titanium, Carbon fibre and Aluminium'

14:43 TCA's powered by a 320 hp 3.8-litre engine; paired to a six-speed automatic gearbox

14:38 The TCA sportscar's production will be limited to 299 units. 

14:16 DC will be showing us more of the TCA sports car 

14:10 Homegrown Dilip Chhabria or DC design is up next 

13:23 Even more launches from BMW! M3 priced at Rs 1.30 crore and M4 at Rs 1.33 crore.

13:14 BMW has launched the X6 35i petrol at Rs 94.15 lakh

12:51 So we're nearly done today, but there's still news on DC's supercar coming up and the Uniti electric car from Sweden

12:38 Bascially diesel Swifts are exactly Rs 1 lac more than the petrol counterparts

12:36 Swift Petrol Manual prices are LXi 4.99, VXi 5.87, ZXi 6.49 and ZXi Plus 7.29

12:36 Swift Petrol Auto prices are VXi 6.34, ZXi 6.96

12:36 Swift Diesel Manual prices are LDi 5.99, VDi 6.87, ZDi 7.49 and ZXi Plus 8.29
12:36 Swift Diesel Auto prices are VDi 7.34, ZDi 7.96 

12:29 Swift prices range from Rs 4.99 to Rs 8.29 lakh 

12:20 Swift will be the first car launched at Maruti Arena; the new upgraded Maruti dealerships

12:19 Maruti says that 50% of Swift buyers are first time car buyers

12:09 The Swift will have four trim levels, Lxi/Ldi, Vxi/Vdi,Zxi/Zdi and Zxi/Zdi Plus  

12:05 Onto the world of cars now, and its a big launch coming up. The Swift 

12:00 The Renegade Vegas will launch in May, 2018

11:58 Both priced at Rs 1.10 lakh ex Showroom Delhi

11:55 Next up is the Renegade Duty S and Duty Ace

11:52 Will launch by the end of this year and prices start at Rs 4.9 lakhs 

11:50 Interestingly the company is offering a 2 year free charge at UM dealerships

11:49 Called the Renegade Thor it has a 270km range, a 180kmph top speed and can do a 80% charge in 40mins with a fast charge

11:45 Onto UM Motorcycles now, they've just unveiled what they claim is the worlds first electric cruiser

11:40 Charging time is upto 5 hours but a fast charge puts in 70% in about 1 hour

11:33 Max speed is 60 kph and it has a range of 160kms with a dual battery setup

11:30 The Flow is priced at Rs 74 thousand ex showroom

11:25 22 Motors have just unveiled the Flow electric scooter

11:12 Next up is an electric scooter from 22 Motors

11:04 All performance stats are with the optional carbon fibre body work, the standard model has heavier (and cheaper) glass fiber panels

10:50 Its powered by a 60kw motor, though its limited to 53kw (71hp)

10:47 No prices just yet but the company is claiming a Rs 5 to 6 lakh bracket when launched next year

10:45 Charging time is 3 hours from a regular 15A socket and 80% in 36 minutes from a quick charger

10:44 has a forward and back parking/walking assist limited to 3kph

10:40 It has a city range of 200 kms and a highway range @ 80 kph of 150kms

10:38 The Emflux electric superbike is out next, called simpley the One it can do the 0 to 100 kph dash in 3 seconds. Electrifying! 

10:30 Prices range from Rs 2 to 2.5 lakh

10:25 Four bikes on display, the Misfit, Ace Cafe, Ace Deluxe and Ace Scrambler

10:10 Cleveland Cyclewerks are up first, haven't heard of them? click here

10:06 Not as busy a day as yesterday, but still lots of news specially from the bike world

9:58 Good morning. We're back at the Auto Expo. Stay tuned for updates

18:54 We cant rest however, there are dozens of stories pouring onto our website, click here to read them all.

18:50 And that's a wrap, for today at least, we'll be back tomorrow at 10 with more bikes and the Swift launch

18:41 BMW says it will the the first petrol car thats Euro VI compliant, prices will start at Rs 58 lakhs 

18:40 With more room and comfort features at the rear the 6GT will offer a credible option to the E-Class 

18:38 Its not over, the 6 GT is next 

18:38 Bookings are open, priced at Rs 1.43 crore

18:36 And now the mighty M5 has its cover off, this one is the first M5 to have four wheel drive  

18:32 Will hit showrooms soon, so they said, but prices have not been announced

18:31 The new X3 is up next 

18:30 New i8 roadster open-top 2 seater produces 143hp but that's from the motor only, the engine adds another 231 hp and both combine to put out 374 hp

18:28 Next with the covers off and well the roof off too is the i8 roadster

18:25 BMW too says hybrids are just as important as EVs

18:24 The new BMW i3s has been showcased, BMW says they are studying the possibilty of a market introduction here  

18: 20 Read more about the bikes here or hang around, cars are up next 

18:18 Booking are open, deliveries will be mid 2018, the F 750 GS is priced at Rs 12.2 lakhs and the F 850 GS is Rs 13.7 lakh 

18:15 Wraps are off the BMW F 750 GS and the F 850 GS 

18:08 The BMW G310 R and G310 GS will come in the second half of this year. Finally! 

18:00 Countryman will come in three versions, 2 petrol the Cooper S and Cooper S JCW  and 1 diesel the Cooper SD

17:54 Right now no Mini is made locally. However the previous Countryman was locally assembled here for sometime. 

17:52 Big news! the all new second gen Countryman will be locally produced in India  

17:48 BMW says all three brands have had their best year in India so far

17:47 BMW, Mini and BMW Motorrad are all together for the first time in India at a public outing

17:22 The benefit of hybrids is that they can begin saving us fuel right now, rather than wait till EV's mature says Maruti MD and CEO Kenichi Ayukawa

17:21 Maruti says however that hybrids and electric will co exists in our future. 

17:18 Maruti says they will look after the entire eco system of electric vehicles, from component manufacture, to assembly, charging, as well as battery management and recycling.  

17:16 Not wanting to be left out in all the electric buzz, Maruti Suzuki have brought in the e-survivor, a small electric SUV concept

17:14 Maruti's electric cars will be operational by 2020 

17:00 We're back to Maruti now, stay tuned for updates on the eSurvivor concept in ten

16:48 There's a lot more coming too, an electric bus, an electric rickshaw, the e2O next, a new connected app and a new format for their dealerships

16:43 Mesma based product will take two years to come out

16:34 Rexton is coming this year

16:30 Called Mesma the architecture can take on vaious body styles from a hatch to an SUV 

16:28 Big news coming up soon, Mahindra have a new 'skateboard' EV platform 

16:26 Mahindra also have an electic KUV at the show, called the eKUV

16:20 Atom EV is for commercial applications for last mile connectivity solution 

16:20 UDO (Unique Driving Object) EV first, Mahindra says its neither a motorbike or car but a unique mobility device to cater to urban mobility

16:16 Lots of action at Mahindra, we've got our first view of the Rexton with a Mahindra front end and the convertible SUV, and there's still more to come

16:15 and the Stinger is out, Mahindra claims its the first convertible SUV designed in India. Does look cool. 

16:10  G4 Rexton will be a Mahindra confirms Pawan Goenka MD M&M and also says that is may not carry the Rexton model name either

16:03 Anand Mahindra says the SUV segment will explode in India and promises a stall that will show Mahindra is well placed for this future

16:00 And its Mahindra now, stay tuned for a convertible, yes you read that right a convertible 

15:55 Toyota also have their mega luxury MPV the Aplhard on the stands, and we've got some exclusive info here

15:48 Toyota's City fighter the Yaris is just out, we had a quick peek, read about it here

15:43 Will have a 1.5 litre petrol with manual and auto (CVT) options 

15:41 To begin with Yaris will have 7 airbags, powered driver seat and a roof mounted AC with ambient lighting

15:41 Yaris will be positioned as an advanced car and have features from a segment above, says Takatomo Suzuki Chief Engineer Yaris 

15:36 The Yaris will be out first  

15:25 and we're back Toyota will be in the spotlight in five

14:50 want to watch something while you eat, catch up with all the videos we have so far right here

14:18 Ok no you can go for lunch, next up is is Toyota at 15:35   

14:15 With the E-Class all terrain out later this year, Volvos V90 Cross Country will have some company 

14:13 Mercedes concept EQ now takes stage 

14:10 E-Class All Terrain is out now, a jacked up off road going E-Class station wagon

14:08 the V8 powered S 560 is Rs 1.94 crore

14:06 Prices for the V12 S 650 will start at Rs 2.73 crore

14:02 Maybach S 650 has the quitest rear cabin in the world says Roland Folger Mercedes India head

14:00 Nope sorry hunger pangs got the better of me, we have Mercedes on now

13:43 Ok everyone go grab lunch, next up is Toyota at 15:35  

13:42 The H5X SUV is based on a Land Rover platform while the 45X is underpinned by Tata's AMP, the advanced modular platform  

13:40 Tatas H5X SUV concept got you breathless, read all about it here

13:39 Tata also has the Jayem Tata range of performance cars, the Tiago and Tigor and an AMT Nexon

13:25 These two concepts are what Tata's passenger car future is going to be all about

13:24 45X concept hatch is out next, held safely inside a big glass box, its looks extremly sporty and sleek

13:22 It does look stunning 

13:22 First car out is the H5X Concept, Tata say it will be the first product to showcase the Impact 2.0 design language

13:10  Guenter Butschek, MD & CEO Tata Motors says 6 EV's are about to be unveiled 

13:00 Tata press conference has begun begun rolling, stay put, as you know theres a ton of stuff

12:36 Kawasaki have launched the Ninja H2 SX and the H2 SX SE at Rs 21,80,000 and 26,80,000 respectively.

12:22 With the Maestro Edge 125 and Duet 125 Hero are now in the 125cc scooter segment 

12:19 Here's a Racemo EV update, called the + - , yes (plus, minus) the car has a range of 350 kms on a full charge

12:17 Yamaha R15 V3 is priced at Rs 1.25 lac ex showroom Delhi

12:15 Yamaha R15 V3 is on stage, makes 19.3PS @ 10000rpm

12:12 The Honda XBlade will be launched in March this year and priced slightly higher than the CB Hornet 160

12:10 Our man Arun has a short clip of it doing just that, check it out here

12:05 Yamaha have just showcased something that looks like its from the future, a self riding motorbike, the Motoroid

11:50 There is also the new Activa 5G

11:45 Honda have pulled out the Xblade, a 1600 cc motorcycle with aggressive styling 

11:32 Tata press conference coming up later today, but you can read all about the fast JTP Tata Tiago and Tigor here

11:29 We've got details on the Hyundai Ioniq here

11:26 Hero XPulse 200 has a 21 inch front wheel, an 18 inch rear and 220mm of ground clearance

11:23 Fancy a faster Tiago, click here

11:20 Shapur's got big news for us, Tata have an electric Racemo. Check out the pics here

11:12 And so we have the Hero XPulse 200

11:11 Hero says they were motivated to do an off roader as they saw so many people wanting to go off road but doing so with bikes designed only for the road.

11:02 Hero press conference has just begun our bikers Ruman and Rishaad are on hand to get all the low down 

11:01 Rishaad has some pricing estimates for us from the Suzuki stall

10:58 Shapur has a Tata preview, he says Tata will have a AMT Nexon in the next few months. 

10:51 Some news from the side lines of the Expo, instead of two Tata could have a third platform in its future, get all the info here

10:45 We've had a chat with Diego Graffi the CEO & MD of Piaggio India, catch the video here

10:42 Want to know more about the recently unveiled Honda PCX electric scooter, head here

10:41 Aprilia have launched the SR 125 Rs 65,310

10:40 If you do make it to the Hyundai stall, check out the Ioniq 

10:38 Catch up with all the images so far, cars here and bikes here

10:33 Suzuki Burgman Street will use the Access 125 cc engine

10:21 Suzuki has the wraps off their bikes, the Burgman Street, GSX-S750 and Intruder FI

10:19 You can take a closer look at the new facelifted Hyundai i20 here

10:15 Plenty more Hyundais coming too, Hyundai India head Y K Koo promises 9 new products by 2020 

10:10 The facelifted i20 will come with a CVT auto and a 1.2 L petrol

10:05 And we have a product launch, the new facelifted Hyundai i20 starts at 5.34 lac

09:49 Theres the exciting Trezor concept at the Renault stall Mayank's there with a few pics  

09:47 Renault have what they call a 'weekend vehicle' designed by students from their Indian design academy. Renuka has a few images

09:39 Oh and right now this is all exclusive

09:38 Aprilia has pulled the covers off the RS 150 and Tuono 150, and we've got some great info right here

09:33 Kia will begin its India innings with the SP SUV, read all about it here

09:31 Read more about Honda's CR-V here

09:29 Hybird motorbike anyone? The TVS Zeppelin is for you. A 220cc engine coupled with a 1200W regerative assist motor

09:26 As promised images for the TVS Creon here

09:23 TVS also have an exciting electric scooter concept called the Creon. Images coming up soon. 

09:19 Some two wheeler news, we've got images of the TVS Zeppelin concept cruiser right here

09:13 Kia's Creta figther the SP Concept has just had its outing, looks stunning 

09:10 Want to know more about the Honda Civic, click here

09:05 We've got a ton of shots of the new Honda Amaze in our image gallery here, check them out. 

09:02 Honda also have a small little surprise, the UNI-CUB personal mobility seat. Think of it as a motorised barstool, make sure you check it out if you get to the Expo 

08:57 Besides the new Amaze the wraps are off the Civic and CR-V too

08:54 The dust is yet to settle and its Kia next, bringing in a massive boat load of products

08:50 The Amaze has a very upright nose, pretty much SUV like. Will India like it? 

08:45 The wraps are off the Amaze, first impressions are, well it looks quite striking and nothing like it predecessor.  

08:34 There's the Clarity fuel cell vehicle too, and guess what, we've already driven it. Check out the review here if you'd like

08:32 And if you want to feast your eyes on something futuristic, Honda have the cool SportsEV concept as well as the NeoEV concept  

08:23 The Honda press conference is about to begin, news on the Civic, CR-V and of course the global unveil of the next gen Amaze

08:09 Read all about the Future S concept here

08:05 Maruti press conference is underway

Good Morning a few things headed your way today, the Maruti Future S Concept, the Kia range, the X-Pulse concept from Hero and of course what most of you have been looking forward to, the new Tata hatchback and SUV catch all the news right here

08:00 Exciting two days ahead so stay tuned

08:00 Welcome to our Auto Expo 2018 Live Blog

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