TCX Baja Gore-Tex boots review

TCX Baja Gore-Tex boots review

20th Mar 2021 7:00 am

The TCX Baja Gore-Tex boots are premium, waterproof adventure riding boots.

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After four year of using a pair of now-discontinued TCX Infinity Evo Gore-tex boots, I was happy enough that another pair from the same company made perfect sense. These are the Baja Gore-tex boots and they’re the range-topping ADV boots from the Italian manufacturer. 
TCX makes some hardcore MX boots, but the Baja range finds more of a balance between all-day comfort and decent off-road protection. These aren’t the most protective ADV boots you’ll find out there, but they are very comfortable. The last pair of TCX ADV boots I used felt a bit alien at first and needed a couple of weeks’ breaking-in, but the Baja was good to go from the very first ride. Once on, the boot feels quite firm and supportive. It’s also comfy enough for long days on the road and even for just walking around.
Gore-tex is brilliant at waterproofing.
The protective scheme is also better than the Infinity Evo Gore-tex that it replaces and the boot now comes with three metallic clasp closures against two on the Infinity. The biggest improvement in safety is via a new hard plastic armour for the shin area. The rest of the vulnerable areas, like the toe, shin and heel, all get reinforcement via hard plastic armour hidden under the leather. The back of the boot also gets a reflective patch to improve visibility at night. 
Unlike most sport and race boots, the Baja is constructed in full-grain oiled leather. In fact, aside from the external shin armour and MX-style aluminium buckles, this is a very low-profile-looking boot. There’s no crazy external armour or hinge systems visible. The only drawback with the large shin armour is that slim-fitting motorcycle pants won’t go over the boot. Beyond that, the TCX Baja has a pretty subtle look that you can pull off without looking like a power ranger ready to charge into battle.
Shin guard sticks out.
One of the most appealing points of these boots is that they can be bought either with TCX’s in-house waterproof liner or with the Gore-tex liner. The latter costs a good deal more, but my experience with Gore-tex over the past four years has elevated it to the status of a wonder material. I’ve ridden through flooded streets and literal cyclonic weather on more than one occasion (trust me, it’s not worth it!) and the boots have always stayed dry, as long as the top opening is covered with waterproof/rain pants. However, the beauty with Gore-tex is not just its ability to keep water out, but also to wick moisture out from within the boots – think sweat. I’ve used Gore-tex boots in the thick of the Indian summer, and while they’re certainly not as airy as a ventilated boot, they’re comfortable enough so that you won’t be bothered by the heat. 
The Baja Gore-tex is an ideal long-distance travel boot and I find that it works well on a variety of motorcycles, including cruisers and street nakeds. If you want a premium boot with low-profile looks, all-day waterproof comfort and a decent level of protection, the Baja Gore-tex is certainly worth considering. 
The aluminium buckles are easy to use and makes putting the boots on a quick process.


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