• Built to last, ergonomically sound and, of course, big on...
    Built to last, ergonomically sound and, of course, big on space.
  • Zippered pockets leave room for stowage even with a full-...
    Zippered pockets leave room for stowage even with a full-face lid!
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Rynox Optimus M tank bag v2 review

31st Mar 2019 7:00 am

A spacious, multi-purpose tank bag that's a bargain!

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Making motorcycle commuting even more convenient is a constant quest, and a few crucial items of riding paraphernalia can make a world of a difference. Not being a bare-necessities type of individual, I find myself riding to work with more than just a wallet and a mobile phone. Now, I could cram my worldly belongings into a large backpack and risk looking like an Everest base-camper but it’s just such a pain in the... back. Thankfully, something called the Rynox Optimus M V2 tank bag exists. I’ve been a fan for years, having borrowed one previously, but now I’ve bought one of my own – and it’s an absolute steal, at Rs 3,550.

This bag features a total of four zippered enclosures on the outside, plus one for the rain cover, and has a total cargo volume of 25 litres. A zippered extender at the base raises capacity (and the height) to 31 litres, and the zip-up detachable base converts it from a snug magnetic tank bag (or a tailbag, even) to a backpack, with two cleverly integrated shoulder straps.

If the five strong magnets somehow don’t suffice (they work just fine for me, at either extreme of loading capacity), Rynox does provide two under-tank quick-release straps with the bag; but having carelessly burnt one on a hot cylinder head at a fuel stop in the past, I no longer feel compelled to use them. The anti-scratch, anti-skid base fabric keeps your tank free of scuffs and, having tried it over a long stint with the Interceptor, I can vouch for it. The red interior is lined well (nothing fancy) and features two compression straps which you can buckle up to hold luggage down. Lastly, the YKK zippers and 3M reflective strips down the sides are certainly value-adds – as if the Optimus M V2 really needed any more!

With robust build quality, smart features and that terrific price tag, this tank bag is perfect for those of you who like to travel with everything short of the kitchen sink.

Where: rynoxgears.com

Price: Rs 3,550

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