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Yamaha scooter range updated

25th Mar 2015 6:12 pm

Yamaha now provides Blue Core technology for its scooter range at a nominal price revision.

Yamaha Motor India has just updated its entire scooter range in India, including the Alpha, Ray and the Ray Z, with a Blue Core technology-enabled motor. Yamaha has essentially fit the scooter range with nickel spark plugs and a new BS type carburetor. To enhance the functioning of these two components, Yamaha has also tuned its muffler setting and the throttle position sensor. This enables the motorcycle that is already fuel efficient, to deliver even better efficiency, they claim.

Two of the three scooters are also available in new colour schemes. The Alpha is now available in gold, and the Ray Z is available in a dual-tone blue and black colour scheme.

The three updated scooters are now on sale in India. The Alpha costs Rs 49,939, the Yamaha Ray Z costs Rs 48,936 and the Yamaha Ray costs Rs 47,805. All prices mentioned are ex-showroom, Delhi.

Yamaha has added a sum of approximately Rs 300 on each scooter to enable this setting, which sounds like a good deal if the scooters do actually report better fuel efficiency figures.



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