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Yamaha Saluto vs rivals: Specifications comparison

17th Apr 2015 5:15 pm

Here's the Yamaha Saluto's specs, in comparison to its rivals – the Yamaha SS125, Bajaj Discover 125M, Honda CB Shine and the Hero Super Splendor.

Today, we compare five motorcycles in the strategic 125cc segment. This segment is one of the most important ones for the Indian motorcycle consumer, because it usually offers a blend of good fuel efficiency, decent yet stylish looks and the ability to transport two in comfort. Quite naturally, the strongest players in the market strive to provide excellence in every way possible on these visibly small but sales-garnering motorcycles. Let’s take a look at their details. Provided below is also a concise spec sheet.


Compared to its sibling, the Yamaha Saluto is now powered by a full 125cc, whereas the SS125 only has a 123cc engine. The Bajaj Discover 125M, the Honda CB Shine and the Hero Super Splendor are all powered by 124.7cc engines.

Yamaha Saluto125cc
Yamaha SS125123cc
Bajaj Discover 125M124.6cc
Honda CB Shine124.7cc
Hero Super Splendor124.7cc


It’s amazing to see how all five engines generate almost the same cubic capacity, but still are tuned to produce varied brake horse power. So, in this respect, the Bajaj Discover 125M takes the lead, producing 11.3bhp at 8,000rpm followed by the Yamaha SS125 and the Honda CB Shine, at just below 11bhp. And the Yamaha Saluto produces the least here at 8.2bhp made at 7,000rpm.

Yamaha Saluto8.2bhp at 7000rpm
Yamaha SS12510.9bhp at 7500rpm
Bajaj Discover 125M11.3bhp at 8000rpm
Honda CB Shine10.5bhp at 7500rpm
Hero Super Splendor9bhp at 7000rpm


All three motorcycles produce almost the same amount of torque at 1.1kgm, but peak torque is achieved at different rpms. The quickest peak-torque delivery is achieved by the Hero Super Splendor that makes it as early at 4,000rpm. Yamaha is not far behind with its new Saluto, making the same at 4,500rpm. If we solely compare this to the older Yamaha SS125, we can see that it makes the same at 6,500rpm, which is not most ideal. Therefore, Yamaha advances technically now.

Yamaha Saluto1kgm at 4500rpm
Yamaha SS1251.1kgm at 6500rpm
Bajaj Discover 125M1.1kgm at 6000rpm
Honda CB Shine1.1kgm at 5500rpm
Hero Super Splendor1.1kgm at 4000rpm


All five bikes here are equipped with telescopic front suspension and dual shocks at rear.

MotorcycleFront suspensionRear suspension
Yamaha SalutoTelescopic suspensionDual shock absorbers, tubular swingarm
Yamaha SS125Telescopic suspensionDual shock absorbers, box section swingarm
Bajaj Discover 125MTelescopic suspensionDual shock absorbers, box section swingarm
Honda CB ShineTelescopic suspensionDual shock absorbers, tubular swingarm
Hero Super SplendorTelescopic suspensionDual shock absorbers, box section swingarm

Fuel-tank capacity

A spot that takes a hit on the new Yamaha Saluto is the minimal fuel-tank capacity, at just 7.6 litres. The Hero Splendor has a capacity of 13 litres and the Honda CB Shine is equipped with a 10.5-litre tank.

MotorcycleFuel tank capacity
Yamaha Saluto7.6 litres
Yamaha SS12513.6 litres
Bajaj Discover 125M9.5 litres
Honda CB Shine10.5 litres
Hero Super Splendor13 litres



The Yamaha SS125, Honda CB Shine and the Bajaj Discover 125M do offer an optional disc brake up front for a safer ride. The Yamaha Saluto and the Hero Super Splendor are offered only with a drum brake up front. Rear wheels on all five bikes use a drum-brake setup for braking.

MotorcycleFront brakeRear brake
Yamaha SalutoDrum brakeDrum brake
Yamaha SS125Disc/Drum brakeDrum brake
Bajaj Discover 125MDisc/Drum brakeDrum brake
Honda CB ShineDisc/Drum brakeDrum brake
Hero Super SplendorDrum brakeDrum brake



Another very crucial detail Yamaha has worked on is decreasing the kerb weight of its Saluto. This two wheeler weighs only 112kg, making it the lightest motorcycle in the segment. It is followed by the Bajaj Discover 125M at 117kg, and the CB Shine at 118kg.

Yamaha Saluto112kg
Yamaha SS125125kg
Bajaj Discover 125M117kg
Honda CB Shine118kg
Hero Super Splendor121kg



The Yamaha Saluto is the longest motorcycle in this list measuring 2,035mm. Similarly, the Honda CB Shine has the broadest stance at 762mm, making it the widest. The tallest here is the Yamaha SS125 at 1110mm.

Yamaha Saluto2035/700/1080mm
Yamaha SS1251995/730/1110mm
Bajaj Discover 125M1986/678/1044mm
Honda CB Shine2014/762/1071mm
Hero Super Splendor1995/735/1095mm



At Rs 52,000, the Yamaha Saluto makes for a decent proposition as it joins the most-affordable club with Bajaj’s Discover 125M, which is only a bit cheaper at Rs 51,274. The Honda CB Shine costs Rs 55,524 and the Hero Super Splendor costs Rs 53,600.


MotorcyclePrice (ex-showroom, Delhi)
Yamaha SalutoRs 52,000
Yamaha SS125Rs 56,555
Bajaj Discover 125MRs 51,274
Honda CB ShineRs 55,524
Hero Super SplendorRs 53,600



SpecificationsYamaha SalutoYamaha SS125Bajaj Discover 125MHonda CB ShineHero Super Splendor
PriceRs 52,000 Rs 56,555Rs 51,274Rs 55,524Rs 53,600
On saleNowNowNowNowNow
Fuel tank capacity7.6 litres13.6 litres9.5 litres10.5 litres13 litres
Kerb weight112kg125kg117kg118kg121kg
Engine layoutFour-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooledFour-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooledFour-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooledFour-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooledFour-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled
Power8.2bhp at 7000rpm10.9bhp at 7500rpm11.3bhp at 8000rpm10.5bhp at 7500rpm9bhp at 7000rpm
Torque1kgm at 4500rpm1.1kgm at 6500rpm1.1kgm at 6500rpm1.1kgm at 6500rpm1.1kgm at 6500rpm
Specific output65.6bhp per litre88.6bhp per litre90.7bhp per litre84.2bhp per litre72.2bhp per litre
Power to weight 73.2bhp per tonne87.2bhp per tonne96.6bhp per tonne89bhp per tonne74.3bhp per tonne
Gearbox4-speed, all down5-speed, 1-down, 4-up4-speed, all up4-speed, all down4-speed, all down
Front suspension Telescopic forksTelescopic forksTelescopic forksTelescopic forksTelescopic forks
Rear suspensionDual shock absorbers, tubular swingarmDual shock absorbers, box section swingarmDual shock absorbers, box section swingarmDual shock absorbers, tubular swingarmDual shock absorbers, box section swingarm
Front brakeDrum brakeDisc/Drum brakeDisc/Drum brakeDisc/Drum brakeDrum brake
Rear brakeDrum brakeDrum brakeDrum brakeDrum brakeDrum brake
Wheels5-spoke alloy5-spoke alloy10-spoke6-spoke5-spoke
Rim size18 inch18 inch17 inch18 inch18 inch
Tyre size80/100 x 18 - 80/100 x 80 inches2.75 x 18 - 3.00 x 18 inches2.75 x 17 - 3.00 x 17 inches80/100 x 18 - 80/100 x 80 inches2.75 x 18 - 2.75 x 18 inches

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