Non-ABS bikes at the end of 2018

Non-ABS bikes at the end of 2018

31st Dec 2018 8:00 am

The April 1, 2019 ABS mandated deadline is only three months away. Here is a list of bikes that haven’t got the safety feature yet.

Back in March 2016, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) issued a notification that all two-wheelers above 125cc will have to be equipped with ABS. The mandate states that all new two-wheeler models launched after April 1, 2018 are to come equipped with ABS; and all existing models are to be fitted with this safety feature before April 1, 2019.

Over the past few months, multiple manufacturers have paid heed to the mandate and equipped most bikes with either single- or dual-channel ABS systems. However, a number of bikes being sold in India are yet to receive the upgrade, and will most probably do so in the first three months of 2019. We’ve made a list of these motorcycles below.

Note: Bikes that have ABS as an option at present will see the non-ABS variants discontinued by April 1, 2019.


  • Rudra
  • Pravega

The Indian chopper manufacturer has a two-model line-up of bikes currently on sale. The 2,025.7cc V-twin-powered motorcycles are yet to be equipped with ABS.


  • Avenger Street 180
  • Avenger Street 220
  • Avenger Cruise 220
  • Pulsar 150
  • Pulsar 180
  • Pulsar 220F
  • NS160
  • V15

It’s only a matter of time until the ABS variants of the Pulsar 150, 180 and 220F are launched. Earlier this month, images of a camouflaged Pulsar surfaced online and from the looks of it, it’s the new ABS-equipped version of either the Pulsar 150 or the Pulsar 180.

The new 220F has also been spotted testing and is likely to get a single-channel ABS upgrade.

The NS200 single-channel ABS variant costs Rs 12,000 more than the non-ABS model. However, we can expect to see a slightly lesser price hike in some of the other bikes, given that they are in a lower price category and how important they have been in inducting new riders to the brand.


  • Ace Deluxe
  • Misfit

Even though sales only began recently, Cleveland Cyclewerks has managed to buy itself time till April 2019 by officially launching the bike at the 2018 Auto Expo – before the announced ABS deadline of 2018. The ABS-equipped bikes are expected to launch soon.


  • Achiever 150
  • Karizma ZMR
  • Xtreme Sports

Most Hero bikes on sale in India fall under the 125cc category. Of the larger-capacity models, the new Xtreme 200R is the only one that comes equipped with ABS (single-channel) and it does not have a non-ABS option. Hero has priced the ABS-equipped Xtreme 200R very competitively, at par with some 160cc motorcycles in the segment (like the Apache RTR 160 4V EFI). So, we can expect the ABS variants of these bikes to be priced well, too.


  • CB Unicorn 150
  • CB Unicorn 160 (CBS)

The CB Unicorn 160 currently comes equipped with an optional Combined Braking System (CBS) but as per the mandate will be required to get ABS. Other Honda bikes in the same category (like the CB Hornet 160R) have an ABS variant that comes at a premium of about Rs 8,000 over the non-ABS variants, so we can expect an almost similar or possibly lower hike for the Unicorn bikes.


  • RC200
  • 250 Duke

You can look forward to hearing about the 250 Duke ABS sometime soon, as its 2019 ABS variant has been listed on KTM’s official website. Expect both, the RC200 and the 250 Duke, to get the same single-channel ABS system found on the newly-launched 125 and 200 Dukes.


  • Mojo XT300
  • Mojo UT300

An ABS upgrade for the Mojo range has been rumoured for a while, now. Jawa recently equipped their new launches with ABS and the Mojo upgrades are expected to follow suit.


  • Classic 350 Standard colours
  • Bullet 350
  • Bullet 350 ES

Royal Enfield has been quite busy for the last few weeks – they’ve launched the ABS versions of most bikes in their portfolio, the most recent being the Classic 350 Redditch series. The rest of the Classic 350 series (apart from the 'Standard' colours), the Thunderbird and Thunderbird X line-ups and the Classic 500 motorcycles have all been upgraded with ABS. The remaining models are likely to get dual-channel ABS when they upgrade.


  • Apache RTR 160
  • Apache RTR 160 4V

The Apache RTR 160 sits at the bottom of the Apache series in India, and has been one of the most successful offerings of the Apache range.

The Apache RTR 180 ABS (dual-channel) costs close to Rs 11,000 more than the non-ABS variant and it remains to be seen whether the 160s will get a similar price hike, or if they will offer a more cost-effective single-channel ABS.


  • Renegade Sports S
  • Renegade Commando
  • Renegade Mojave
  • Renegade Classic

None of the bike’s in UM’s current portfolio have ABS. However, leaked images of what appears to be presentation slides reveal UM’s plans for a new entry-level adventure motorcycle called the DSR Adventure 200 ABS. The slides feature specifications of the bike and show that the bike will be the first UM motorcycle to offer this safety feature and it will be a single-channel system. The existing line-up of UM motorcycles is likely to be equipped with the same system in the near future.


  • Notte

We recently got news that Piaggio has begun sales of the ABS-equipped variants of the 150cc scooters under its umbrella (both Aprilia and Vespa), while the sub-125cc scooters have been equipped with CBS. However, the Vespa Notte is yet to receive an upgrade.


  • R15 S
  • FZ-S V2.0
  • FZ V2.0
  • Fazer FI V2.0
  • FZ 25
  • Fazer 25

From the looks of it, Yamaha has a busy three months ahead, considering a majority of its line-up has yet to be equipped with ABS. Earlier this week, Yamaha announced a new product launch on Jan 21, 2019. We’re expecting it to be the FZ FI that has been caught testing. Alternatively, it might launch the ABS-equipped variant of the R15. Either way, one can expect the Yamaha ABS roll-outs to begin soon.

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