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New Tigers Exploring

18th Nov 2015 6:25 pm

The Triumph Tiger Explorer gets mid-life upgrades and was revealed at the EICMA 2015.

The Triumph Tiger brand has been around for ages, but the Explorer, arguably the best one yet was launched in 2012. Three years later, now Triumph has revealed the 2016 model with mid-life upgrades at the Milan 2015 show.

The list of upgrades is quite extensive, as is the case with the other upgraded motorcycles launched a while ago. Some of the highlights include a more powerful and torquey engine, cornering ABS and traction control, hill-hold control and a semi-active suspension. The six new models also have an electrically controllable windscreen.

The 2016 Triumph Tiger Explorer retains the 1215cc engine that powered the previous years’ model. However, the new one has been updated to be compatible with the new Euro 4 norms, and should also be well within the Bharat Stage norms. However, Triumph hasn’t revealed much information about the engine yet, and we will have to wait this bit out.

The upgrades that we do know about, related to the performance on the new 2016 Triumph Tiger Explorer, are a new exhaust system and a new map for the ECU to get better power and torque figures. Not only is the performance better, but Triumph has also made the motorcycles safer. There is now switchable ABS on the entry-level models, with traction control. The higher models get a slightly more advanced system with cornering ABS and traction control. These even get a hill-hold assist function to make it easier to negotiate steep and challenging terrains.

The two entry-level models get a fully adjustable suspension from Triumph-owned WP Suspension, and the four higher models get a semi-active suspension set-up.

To name the six new models, Triumph has used the same nomenclature that it uses with the smaller Tiger 800 motorcycles. The road-oriented motorcycles are called the XC, XCx and XCa, while the off-road-oriented models are called XR, XRx, and the XRt. 

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