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Accessorised Jawa Forty Two displayed at dealership

30th Apr 2019 5:36 pm

The optional accessories include a backrest, crash guards and more.

A Jawa Forty Two equipped with a few accessories reveals some of the add-ons that will be available as optional extras for the Jawa and the Forty Two. These include an engine guard and grab-rail options. The source also reveals that a centre stand will come as standard equipment and not as an accessory, as rumoured before.

The crash guard on the display bike is similar to the diamond-shaped ones seen as aftermarket add-ons on Royal Enfields and blend into the overall design of the bike. The other accessory revealed is the grab rail, which, according to the source, will be available in three options – a conventional single piece, a more sophisticated one that consists of a metal base plate, and one with a small cushioned backrest.

At the moment, only select dealers have received these accessories – and the ones who have are still awaiting updates on their pricing. While there is no official list of what other accessories will be on option, sources say that bar-end mirrors will also be a part of the list.

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