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    Measuring Strain Energy Density (SENER) at belt end during the development of the Milaze X3.
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Sponsored feature: The Last Tyre

27th Sep 2017 11:27 am

Believe it or not, this might be the last tyre you will buy for your car. CEAT’s new Milaze X3 will last you 1,00,000km!


It boggles the mind. Here’s a car tyre that lasts 1,00,000km.

Let’s try and put this in perspective. The circumference of the Earth is 40,075km, so you can drive around the world about two and half times! Or look at it this way. If you drive, the distance from Mumbai to London via Lahore, Istanbul, Budapest and Frankfurt is 10,000km. So with this tyre, you can do 10 such trips. Closer home, India has 96,260.72km of national highways. So if you drove every kilometre of our highways, the tyre would still be good to go.

Let’s try another perspective that’s more relatable. On an average, a car is driven about 10,000km a year. By this calculation, you can go 10 years without a change of tyres. How long did your last set of tyres last?

The tyre we are talking about is the CEAT Milaze X3. You would think that CEAT would have had to compromise on some other parameters like grip or comfort to make such a mega-mileage tyre, but no. The Milaze X3 promises up to 1,00,000km without sacrificing comfort or safety.

The answer lies in the advanced engineering that went into designing the Milaze X3. The challenge before the engineers was how to design a high-mileage tyre without using expensive materials like Kevlar, and yet deliver a comfortable ride and great grip.

Indian engineers are known the world over for their innovation and ability to deliver effective solutions. The engineers at CEAT went to work on designing a completely new kind of tyre that would last upward of 1,00,000km. They benchmarked the Milaze X3 with tyres of other brands, both on the road and at NATRAX , Indore, one of the biggest test facilities in the world, till they were satisfied that the tyre would live up to the promise.

First of all, they worked on the tread compound itself. The grip and longevity of a tyre depends on the tread compound. The engineers at CEAT use a specially engineered new-generation tread compound which they say is “abrasion impervious and durable due to new-generation polymers and highly reinforcing fillers.” This is one of the many main reasons that the Milaze X3 goes on for over 1,00,000 kilometres.

The Milaze X3 is constructed using a thicker inner liner inside the tyre. The job of this liner is to prevent air leakage. The inner liner of Milaze X3 is 11 percent thicker than regular tyres. Though the 11 percent might not seems like much, it goes a long way to make the tyre less permeable and more durable.

 Indian road conditions require tyres to have extra reinforcements in the tread area to prevent failures such as belt and tread separation. The job of the cap ply is to prevent these failures. Compared to the regular tyre, Milaze X3 has 2-1-2 jointless cap strip. This means the tyre has one additional layer of jointless cap strip at the shoulders. Remember, it’s the tyre’s shoulders that take the force of cornering and turning. The 2-1-2 construction not only makes the tyre stronger but also results in uniform load distribution over the tread area and prevents uneven wear. Hence, your tyre will last longer. As long as 1,00,000 kilometres.

The strength of a tyre comes from it’s base, called the belt. This belt is constructed out of steel cords. The belt of the Milaze X3 uses more steel cord per inch than regular tyres. You don’t need a degree in engineering to appreciate the advantage of this.

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Now, if you look carefully at the Milaze X3, you will notice two things. First is the tread pattern, which has been designed to optimise the contact area between the tyre and the road in order to minimise wear without sacrificing grip. The other thing you will notice is the tread depth. The Milaze X3 uses a higher gauge rubber to give you deeper treads that enhance tyre life and safety.

Now here’s the good news. Whether you have a small car, hatchback or an entry-level sedan, there is a Milaze X3 that will fit your car. The CEAT Milaze X3 tyres are available in 12 to 15-inch sizes for the front as well as the rear wheel. So check the table to see if the Milaze X3 is available in the size you want, and then go to your nearest CEAT showroom to buy the last tyre you would need for your car.

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