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Sachin's Garage

16th Nov 2013 9:37 pm

As cricket’s most iconic batsman calls it an innings, we take a look at his garage to see what drives Sachin Tendulkar.


After 24 years, 456 ODI and 200 test matches, Sachin Tendulkar has finally hung up his pads. The God of cricket is hoping that the probing lights will dim a bit and he can spend a more time with his family and friends, doing other things he loves. And as Autocar India readers know, one of the things he loves other than cricket are cars. So it’s little wonder that his garage houses a collection that reflects his love of cars. Cars he will have more time to play with now. These are some seriously quick cars. After all we know Sachin’s measurement of quick is the 0 to 100km time. So let’s take a walk around his garage, and check out what’s lurking there .  

Even the slowest car in Sachin’s garage is one of the quickest diesel SUVs in the country -- a BMW X5 M50d. The M50d is not sold in India, and this is the only one in the country. It was specially imported by BMW for Sachin, since the maestro didn’t want to sacrifice performance even in an SUV. How quick is it? The 2993cc motor launches it from zero to 100kph in 5.3 seconds. 

For more formal occasions Sachin has a BMW 7-Series in his garage. Not just any Seven but the 760 Li. And not just any 760 Li but one with the Sachin Tendulkar logo, designed around a cricket ball, monogramed on the headrests and door sills. And just in case you thought that Sachin had sacrificed performance for luxury in this car here’s the news. This car is powered by a 12-cylinder 5972cc petrol engine that will rocket this luxury chariot to a 100kph in 4.6 seconds.  Continued..

Sachin Tendulkar’s garage also houses BMW’s flagship four-door M6 Gran Coupe powered by a twin-turbo V8 4395cc petrol engine. This is a heinously fast car that will charge towards its limited 250kph top speed with the blinkered insanity of a raging elephant trampling past 100kph in 4.2 seconds. 

Sachin’s famous Ferrari 360 Modena used to do the same 0 to 100kph time. And with the M6’s performance entering sports car territory, Sachin needed a sports car that was quicker. So the 360 found a new home. And Sachin found himself a new car. 
Enter, the Nissan GT-R. A car that explodes from zero to 100kph in an unbelievable 2.9 seconds. Best of all for Sachin, it’s flamboyance lies only in it’s performance. The GTR’s desgn does not shout out its supercar underpinnings and attract the eyeballs a red Ferrari does. This allows him to sneak out for a drive without creating a traffic jam. 
We do not know how many kilometers these cars have clocked in their odometers so far. But what we do know is, now these cars will be clocking many more miles. For 24-years we have enjoyed his drives on the cricket field, now we wish him to enjoy his drives off it. 
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