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Maruti Ciaz - The winner

30th Jun 2015 1:00 pm

Sponsored feature: In a crowded segment, the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz rolls away with top honours.


...the Ciaz that comes across as the most-rounded mid-size diesel sedan on sale today...

In a market crowded with sedans, with each brand claiming its superiority over others, how do you separate hard facts from marketing license? Autocar India pitted nine of the country’s diesel-manual sedans to find the answer to this question. Autocar India’s tests are not based on subjective
opinions but on cold facts and hard figures. The data is acquired using top-line computerized equipment and GPS systems that measure each and every parameter of a car’s performance with gunpoint accuracy. So the final verdict is arrived at without fear or favour.

The following extracts are taken from Autocar India’s Comparison Test No. 826 that appeared in the April 2015 issue. They are just some of the reasons quoted that made the Maruti Ciaz ZDi+ the clear winner of this mega test.

Given the mindset of the typical diesel mid-sizer buyer, a lot of things will be taken into consideration in this comparison. Driving ease, performance. . .

The Ciaz’s infotainment system also sets itself apart here by being the only one with a touchscreen interface. It’s easy to use, easy to pair your phone to and also features navigation as standard.

. . . comfort and feel-good factor aside, fuel economy, value and the overall ownership experience will also have a huge bearing on our decision. As always, we’ll rely on facts, figures and feel to find the car that delivers the most across all our parameters. Here goes.


Open the Ciaz’s large front doors and what you get is Maruti’s best cabin yet, this side of the expensive Kizashi, of course. There’s a tremendous sense of space inside, and the nice mix of colours and materials along with the chrome and brushed metal embellishments give the cabin a premium feel. The Ciaz’s smart and uncluttered dashboard also sits low, allowing a good view out and, like the rest of the cabin, offers good space to store small items.

. . . This makes the Ciaz easy to use in the city, even without taking into account its relatively light clutch and smooth gearbox. Engine refinement is good too and what’s more, the motor is quite a happy customer on the highway. It revs freely and provides adequate punch for high-speed overtakes.

Over broken city roads, the Ciaz’s suspension rounds off bumps quietly and effectively to join the ranks of the best riding cars in the segment. Even at higher speeds, there’s a nice, big-car heft to the ride . . .

And that’s precisely what seals it for the Ciaz. It offers the most car for reasonable money. And that’s not solely in terms of equipment. The massive and well turned-out cabin, pleasant ride and good refinement give it a genuine big-car feel. Outright enthusiasts aside, few will have an issue with how it drives either. What further adds to the package is its excellent fuel economy and that peace of mind buying only a Maruti can get you. Take everything into account and it is the Ciaz that comes across as the most-rounded mid-size diesel sedan on sale today to become our winner.


The Maruti Suzuki Ciaz ticked all the right boxes for Harish.

‘The inside of the car is a nice place to be. It’s really comfortable and very spacious.’

WHEN I WAS looking to buy a new car, I went through all the options that fell in my budget. After a lot of research and consideration, I chose the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz petrol automatic over all its other competitors. I’m glad I did. One of the factors was its engine and how smartly it was priced.

It’s also longer and wider than its closest competitor. Therefore, there’s more space on the inside too. Which is good, because the inside of the car is a nice place to be. The seats are very comfortable and there’s enough space for my entire family. But the best thing about the car is the way it drives. I love driving and spend a lot of time behind the wheel. In fact, I recently took my Ciaz on a 500km drive to and from Chandigarh. Now I must mention that I always drive at 90kph. And the mileage I got simply blew my mind. The lowest with my AC running at all times was 18kpl! On the highway, the Ciaz always has enough power to overtake, there’s enough grip and it always feels planted, so I’m confident when I’m behind the wheel. The boot space is excellent. It’ll come in handy as I plan to head out for a holiday with my family very soon. The icing on the cake – it looks really good too.


Maruti Suzuki loyalist Narinder found his perfect drive in the Ciaz.

‘The Ciaz has just strengthened my belief in Maruti Suzuki. This is my sixth car from them.’

I drive a lot. In the past two months, I’ve driven about 4500km in my Ciaz. This car is perfect to drive. There’s enough power to make it competent on highways and power delivery is quite smooth too. Gear shifts are smooth and hardly require any effort. Despite the power, the engine is quite efficient. What really surprised me is the fuel economy – it’s very efficient. The Ciaz has just strengthened my belief in Maruti Suzuki. I have only ever used cars made by them. In fact, this is my sixth car from this manufacturer. And with the levels of refinement in the Ciaz, I see no reason to shift to any other brand.

A few friends and I regularly drive out of our city – it’s how we keep in touch and do something we all enjoy. We’re all automotive enthusiasts. Everybody brings their car along. The Ciaz has no trouble keeping up with the others, no matter what kind of road it is. It’s also quite manoeuvrable. I still don’t feel I’ve had the opportunity to really stretch the Ciaz’s legs, but I will soon. There are so many long drives waiting for it. And they’re going to be so much fun. You know why? Because I love driving my Ciaz.

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