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BRANDED CONTENT: Taking the ‘Smart Hybrid’ way

30th Sep 2019 10:14 pm

Maruti Suzuki cars equipped with Smart Hybrid technology offer enhanced fuel-efficiency and driving performance while achieving lower emissions.


With a greater focus on lower emissions and greener mobility, many manufacturers across the globe have redirected their energies to offer hybrid cars. Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest car manufacturer, has also taken up this mantle by offering Smart Hybrid cars in the coun-try. As a matter of fact, Maruti Suzuki already has the S-Cross, Ciaz, Ertiga, Baleno, and XL6 in its range of Smart Hybrid cars. 
Smart hybrid cars are a more fuel-efficient choice, have lower emissions, and offer peppy driving performance - aspects that many Indian car buyers look for. 

Getting to grips with the Smart Hybrid Technology

The Smart Hybrid technology offered in Maruti Suzuki cars uses an ISG (Integrated Starter Generator and an advanced dual-battery setup comprising of a Lead-Acid battery and a compact Lithium-Ion unit. The three functions of the Smart Hybrid technology are: -
Idle Start/Stop

If your car is at a standstill, say at a traffic light or even if you are waiting for someone and have kept the engine on, the Smart Hybrid technology shuts off the engine. Once you are ready to go, depressing the clutch restarts the car again, thus making sure that there’s no fuel loss when the car is in idle. 

Regenerative Braking

The electricity generated through regenerative braking is used by the ISG to keep this dual battery set-up charged. The kinetic energy produced while slowing the car down is con-verted to electric energy and then stored in the car’s advanced dual battery setup.
Torque Assist

This stored electrical energy is utilized by the ISG to assist the engine during acceleration for better pickup. Thanks to Torque Assist, the load on the engine is reduced and the car’s fuel efficiency is enhanced as well. 
The Smart Hybrid advantage

As far as Smart Hybrid cars go, they strike a better balance between delivering peppy performance and achieving higher fuel efficiency. Plus, Smart Hybrid technology has been optimized to work well in Indian driving conditions while ensuring lower emissions, and it is indeed the ‘greener way of mobility at present’.

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