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Branded content: Hyderabad Rains: What you need to know about car repairs due to flood damage

24th Oct 2020 10:00 am

Has your car got stuck in a water-logged area? Here's everything you need to know to minimise the damage.


Floods result in loss of property and peace of mind. People remain in the state of panic even years after the flood has affected their city or region. Knowing what you can do with your car after a flood can help save a lot of money and can help in preventing future damages as well. 

For many people in India, having a car is like a dream. They save a lot to finally invest in their dream car. To witness your car submerged in water is a painful sight. There is not much you can do. Many people suffered similarly in Hyderabad during the recent downpour that saw water logging in several areas of the city. In many areas, cars were swept away by heavy rain. In others, cars parked in basements were ruined. In case your locality was affected, and your car was drowned, here are a few things you should know for proper car insurance claims:

Don’t try to start the car

This is the most common mistake made by people. They believe heating the engine will solve the issue; sometimes they try to move their vehicle to a more secure area. However when you start the car, water can enter some internal parts thus damaging the engine. With water damage, pistons don’t move like they normally should, and the technical term for it is hydro lock. If your car is hydro-locked, repairing it is an expensive task.

Get rid of water ASAP

If water is not cleared immediately, it can affect the wiring of the car. Drain the water from within the car and let it dry as quickly as possible. A dry vacuum cleaner might also help. Once the car is dry, all the functions must be tested. There are a lot of electrical issues that can impact the performance of your car.  

Ventilate your car

Once you have cleaned the car and removed all the water, the next goal is to fully dry the car. If seats have been wet for too long, they can cause a foul smell. Push the car to a place where there is enough sunlight (remember you should not start your car), roll down the windows and leave the doors wide open. Use heaters to dry them. Once every part is completely dry, get a mechanic over to do a complete check.

Role of Insurance

In case of third party insurance, the damages won’t be covered. However, a comprehensive policy covers damages due to natural calamities. In a flood, you can either suffer accessory damage or engine damage. Engine repair costs more than Rs 1.5 lakh, while accessories prices vary depending on the parts and car. Having comprehensive car insurance will pay for these damages. 

The essential part, however, is that your insurer won’t cover engine damage if you tried starting the car when it was submerged. Remember this and stay safe!

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