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Branded content: How to keep your engine from overheating in the summer

20th Apr 2021 7:21 pm

Here are five tips to prevent your car from overheating and advice on what to do if this does happen.


The hot summer months are here. While you may be okay with the heat, your car may not. You need to keep the car cool as temperatures soar and if you are planning to take the car on a road trip, you must take the right steps to avoid overheating. An engine that runs very hot can damage your vehicle and could even threaten your safety. In fact, it will be good to consider taking an engine cover with the motor insurance policy.

What causes a car to overheat?

A car can overheat for several reasons, including problems with the engine, low motor oil, coolant, radiator cooling fan, car battery and car thermostat. You need to identify the problem and tackle it accordingly.

How to prevent your car from overheating?

1.    Tint the windows

Go for window tinting or use a window film to keep the car cool during the heat. It will also provide protection from UV rays from the sun. Alternatively, you can use window shades in the car. If you do not find a shaded area to park your car in, having window shades can protect the interior from getting extremely hot. It will also protect the interior from the damaging effects of the sun.

2.  Keep the windows slightly open 

If you keep your car locked and packed all day, it will trap hot air and your glass will serve like a conductor that will heat the space. Hence, leave the windows slightly open so the air can escape.

3.   Keep fresh air setting and keep an eye on the temperature gauge

Always set the air conditioning on fresh air for about 15 minutes. Do not opt for recirculation on the air conditioner because it will only move the hot and trapped air in the car. Use recirculation only after the car has cooled down. There is a car temperature gauge over the dashboard. It has a needle that must always be pointed towards the centre. When it points towards hot, turn off the car engine and let the car cool down. 

4.   Turn the heat on to cool the engine 

The last thing you would want to do on a hot summer day is to turn on the heat but it will pull the hot air from the engine and eventually cool the engine. It will not fix the underlying issue but it is a good measure for long drives. 

5.  Use an engine coolant

An engine coolant is a must in the hot summer months. You can check the coolant level through the coolant reservoir. The indicator lines on the reservoir show the coolant level. If you notice that the level is too low then you must add the right amount of coolant and reattach the cap. You can easily buy an engine coolant from auto shops. Do not add coolant to a hot engine. Always wait for it to cool before pouring in the coolant. 

What to do if your car overheats?

If your car overheats, you must pull it on the side of the road and turn off the engine. Allow the car to cool for some time. You can also open the hood of the car and allow the heat to clear out. Once the car has cooled, turn the ignition to its first position and check the temperature gauge. If it is in the normal range, start the engine. If the engine makes unusual noises and does not start, call for roadside assistance to have the car towed. Always have your car insurance updated. Ensure it offers a comprehensive cover and renew it on time. You can easily buy car insurance online in India.

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