5 unquestionably American things about the Ford Mustang GT

5 unquestionably American things about the Ford Mustang GT

31st May 2018 9:00 am

We tell you just how American Ford’s Mustang really is.

In a world of increasing environmental consciousness, political correctness, downsizing and technological advancements, the Ford Mustang GT is an old-school punch in the face that only America could deliver, like a large Big Mac meal with unlimited drink refills and extra cheese. Here’s five very American things about it – for better and for worse.

1. Ain’t no replacement for displacement:

Mustang engine

Europe can have its turbos, this is the US of A, and size is everything. Sure, the specific output is woefully low compared to a car with forced induction, but who cares when you have that incredible warble accompanying you everywhere. However, the fuel economy may work at US petrol prices; not so much at Rs 82 per litre.

2. Big Yeller:

Mustang side action

A British sportscar revels in being small, nimble and tightly honed. A Mustang does not. A Mustang is loud and proud (especially when painted yellow) and its size is part of the shock and awe. It’s a two-door car with 2+2 seating, but it’s as big as a luxury sedan, and seeing as how it makes everyone get out of your way, that’s just fine by us.

3. XXL cup holders:

Mustang cupholders

We’ve often complained about cars whose cupholders are so small, you can’t fit two mid-size Styrofoam coffee cups side by side without ruining your morning – because the coffee would spill out and you won’t have had any. Not here, though. These massive caverns are designed for supersized cups and would swallow a can of Red Bull whole. So if you like a cup of Joe on the go, you’ve come to the right place.

4. Line Lock: 

Mustang burnout

Launch Control is a computer program designed to make a car take off from a standstill as quickly as its powertrain and the laws of physics will allow. Line Lock is sort of the opposite. It’s a feature that deliberately lets you mince the car’s rear tyres by locking the front brakes, letting you do massive, smoky burnouts in order to entertain your passengers and put a smile on the face of everyone in the vicinity. Land of the Free, indeed.

5. Extra cheese: 

Mustang Infotainment

The Mustang is surprisingly well equipped, with things like multi-colour ambient lighting, and seats that are heated AND cooled, not to mention driving modes and an in-built lap timer, all of which make its relatively reasonable price seem like even better value. But, as with a lot of cars designed for the US market, interior quality leaves a bit to be desired, and for this price, owners might expect more.


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