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Looking for a grand tourer with a Rs 1.5 crore budget

16th Jan 2019 12:19 pm

The car should be exclusive, have decent luggage space and a good sound system.


I own a 2015 Mercedes-Benz CLA 200. I am planning to enter the supercar club and want to buy a new car. My budget is around Rs 1.5 crore. I don’t drive very fast and am looking for a grand tourer for long drives. I want something that would be exclusive to me, be it in terms of paintwork or model or any personal customisation. I could do with two or four doors, but I want to have at least a little luggage space in the car. Being a music enthusiast, I would like a good sound system as well. A convertible is a secondary option but I am not discounting it entirely.
Naresh, Mumbai

AAA If you want something really exclusive and classy, you could look at the Maserati Quattroporte which oozes Italian flair. It sounds great and the performance on offer will be more than what you need. A more affordable option is the 2.0-litre Jaguar F-type, which gives you decent bang for your buck and is pretty quick and fun to drive too.

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