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Choosing between a Kia Carnival and Ford Endeavour

4th Jul 2020 8:00 am

Within a budget of Rs 40 lakhs, which one should I buy?

I’m planning to buy a car within Rs 40 lakh but am confused between the Kia Carnival and the Ford Endeavour.

Parv Kapoor, Varanasi

Both are very different cars and the only thing they have in common is lots of space which, we assume, is the reason you are deciding between these two. If you are mainly driving in the city, then the Carnival is a better bet. It’s plusher, has more features and is more refined. Also, the seats in the Carnival, especially the ‘captain seats’, are very comfortable. The Endeavour is not as manoeuvrable as the Carnival, and not as easy to get in and out of. So, as an everyday car, this big SUV is not as practical as the Kia MPV. However, if you are driving on bad roads, travelling out of town, especially to some remote areas, the hardy Endeavour is what we would pick.

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