Goodyear launches efficient tyres

Goodyear launches efficient tyres

22nd Feb 2011 8:00 am

Goodyear launches Assurance fuel max with fuel saving technology.

Goodyear India has launched its latest range of tyres, called the Assurance Fuel Max. The new range of tyres belong to Goodyear’s award winning Assurance product line that comes with fuel saving technology.

As per the company claims, the fuel max tyres provide four-percent more fuel efficiency and around 15 percent longer mileage than the conventional tyres. These tyres are toughened with DuPont Kevlar overlay – a material that is five times stronger than steel – which ensures longer tyre life.

The new range of tyres are specially designed and will be available for cars in the mid and premium segment. These tyres feature an advanced full silica compound which reduces the friction between the tyre’s rubber molecules and provides high resistance to abrasion, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and a longer tread life.

Rajeev Anand, chairman and managing director, Goodyear India said, “In the current environment where the rising fuel costs are a huge concern, Fuel Max technology is designed to improve fuel consumption without compromising on mileage or performance.”

“Assurance Fuel Max offers critical safety features such as a strong grip, puncture resistance, blow out resistance, shorter braking distance and anti-skid, making it the perfect choice for everyday city driving as well as the long distance weekend road trips,” he added.
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