Deal of the week: Volvo S80

Deal of the week: Volvo S80

24th Apr 2009 7:00 am

There are some hot deals on very beautiful cars on offer in the Indian market. This week we find a sweet deal on Volvo's S80

Starting this week AUTOCAR India brings you the best deals on wheels in the marketplace with the Deal Of The Week. This week we bring you news of a hefty discounts on Volvo’s big luxury sedan the S80.

Volvo is offering a massive discounts on its sensible and subtle luxury sedan – the S80. Cash discounts of up to Rs 400,000 are available on the 3.2 petrol and D5 diesel versions. There’s also a payout of 1% which equals to Rs 25,000 for a 70% loan on the 3.2 petrol engined variant. However petrol heads have no reason to smile as the beastly AWD V8 has no discount available.
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