Mumbai-Pune Expressway toll to hike from April 1, 2020

Mumbai-Pune Expressway toll to hike from April 1, 2020

26th Feb 2020 4:02 pm

The revised fares for the Mumbai-Pune expressway has gone up across the board, with fares for cars going up to Rs 270 (Rs 40 hike).

Come April 1, 2020, the toll rates for the Mumbai-Pune Expressway will be increased across the board, for all sections of the expressway and all categories of vehicles. The basic fare for the full length of the expressway will go up by Rs 40, from Rs 230 to Rs 270 (for Light Motor Vehicles – sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks). The revised rates will be valid for the next three years, till March 31, 2023. We have compiled a table of the new fares below.

Mumbai-Pune fare:
New RatesOld RatesDifference
CarsRs 270Rs 230Rs 40
Mini-busRs 420Rs 355Rs 65
Truck (two axel)Rs 580 Rs 493Rs 87
Bus Rs 797Rs 675Rs 122
Truck (more than two axels)Rs 1,380Rs 1,168Rs 212
Cranes and other multi-axel vehiclesRs 1,835Rs 1,555Rs 280

This revision in the expressway’s toll rates is a recurring process that has been taking place every three years since 2005. These rates were specified in a notification issued by the Maharashtra government back in 2004. The last revision took place back in 2017, which saw the rates for cars travelling the full length of the Expressway increase from Rs 195 to Rs 230 (a Rs 35 hike).

As the rates for the Mumbai-Lonavala stretch of the expressway have also been hiked, we have compiled a table for the new rates in a table below.

Mumbai-Lonavala fare:
New RatesOld RatesDifference
CarsRs 203Rs 173Rs 30
Mini-busRs 315Rs 266Rs 49
Truck (two axel)Rs 435Rs 370Rs 65
Bus Rs 597Rs 506Rs 91
Truck (more than two axels)Rs 1,035Rs 876Rs 159
Cranes and other multi-axel vehiclesRs 1,376Rs 1,166Rs 210

The Mumbai-Pune Expressway is a 94.5km long, 6-lane concrete motorway which has been open to the public since 2002. It was also one of the first high-speed concrete expressways in the country. The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) has also partnered with Mahindra to make the Mumbai-Pune Expressway a Zero Fatality Corridor.

The MSRDC also issued a letter of acceptance on Tuesday to IRB Infrastructure Developers for the rights to collecting the toll on this route for the next 15 years. IRB will be paying MSRDC an amount of Rs 8,262 crore for the collection rights, with the company paying Rs 6,500 crore up front and further paying Rs 850 crore for the 2nd year and 3rd year each. For the fourth year, IRB will pay Rs 62 crore.

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