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Yamaha Cross Hub Concept unveiled at Tokyo

27th Oct 2017 7:00 am

The Cross Hub Concept is Yamaha’s first car model with no clear link to McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray.


Yamaha has brought a concept SUV to the ongoing Tokyo motor show called the Cross Hub Concept. While this is the third concept car that the bike maker has showcased in recent years, the Cross Hub is the first one that has not been designed by McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray.

Yamaha president Takuya Nakata has confirmed that all three car concepts showcased so far – the 2013 Motiv Concept, 2015 Sports Ride Concept and the Cross Hub Concept – are under consideration for production.

Nakata said Murray has been commissioned to make engineering prototypes and evaluation is ongoing. “We are still studying the feasibility and to do that properly will take some years more,” he added.

The insides of the concept showcased at Tokyo sees Yamaha use a diamond-shaped seating layout, and enough space at the rear for two motorbikes.

Yamaha said the vehicle is aimed at “connecting the active and urban in the lifestyles of Yamaha enthusiasts”.

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