Shell launches Helix HX8 engine oil

Shell launches Helix HX8 engine oil

17th Apr 2018 4:18 pm

Shell’s newest engine oil is suitable for use in any diesel, petrol and CNG engine.


Shell India has launched a new engine oil named Helix HX8 which is suitable for use in any petrol, diesel and CNG engine.

The engine oil is produced from 100 percent synthetic base stock, and has been priced at Rs 850 per litre. The oil comes in 1-, 3- and 4.5-litre packs. Shell claims that the lubricant provides 40 percent better wear, 78 percent better protection against corrosion and 58 percent better oxidation stability as compared to ‘industry reference oil’. The oil major also claims the HX8 helps enhance the car’s fuel economy, reduces emissions and boasts better longevity, thus reducing the need for frequent oil changes.

The HX8 engine oil uses Shell’s patented Flexi Molecule Technology (FMT). The company claims the oil’s ‘flexi molecules’ are designed to activate when the engine experiences high stress or high temperatures. These form a protective layer around the engine’s metallic components. Another one of the oil’s claimed advantages includes a 30 percent faster flow in low temperatures, thus enabling a smooth start and warm-up.

Though the Helix HX8 can be used in engines of varied displacements, Shell is eyeing mass market car and SUV owners for its product. The oil’s suitability to turbocharged engines is expected to be a big draw for buyers. “India’s car segment is growing at about 9 percent where as SUVs are growing in high double digits. Most of the SUVs nowadays are equipped with turbocharged engines that deliver higher power output for smaller capacity which means higher stress at vital engine parts,” said Mansi Tripathy, General Manager, Shell India.

Praveen Nagpal, Chief Technology Officer, Shell India, said that the Helix HX8 is a global product where all the ingredients are supplied to the country and are blended locally. He further informed that the HX8 is compliant to the Euro VI emission standards – which ensures that it is a BS-VI-ready product. However, Nagpal said that the company in future may need to improvise the lubricant for local car manufacturers, in case they use any other technology to comply with the upcoming emission norms. The product is ready to use in global models and is also sold in India.

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