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New Honda NSX concept revealed

16th Jan 2013 2:20 am

Latest Honda NSX sports car concept unveiled at Detroit.


Honda has taken the covers off its latest NSX concept car at the Detroit show.

Essentially a lightly tweaked version of the NSX concept shown at last year’s Detroit show, the new car gets a proper interior for the first time. While the cabin looks near production ready, it is expected to be tweaked as the NSX is further developed. Among the styling highlights of the NSX concept are the big carbonfibre struts which run from the dash into the centre console.

The NSX will not go into production for at least another two years, and will be built in the US where most of the car’s development will also be carried out. The car will use a mid-mounted V6 coupled to an electric motor to drive the rear wheels, and electric motors driving the front wheels to give four-wheel drive. Honda's Super Active All-Wheel Drive system will also be fitted.

Speaking on the newly revealed concept, Jon Ikeda, head of Acura design, said, "The key is that the interior design complements the vehicle, creating that link between man and machine. A performance car needs great visibility, intuitive controls and an interior quality that lets the driver focus on driving. The revised exterior is a more focused look at our goal of creating the modern performance car. It must look forward, be simple but technical, and express the performance and technology leadership we want to take."

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