Mitsubishi to revive Evolution name for SUV-coupe

Mitsubishi to revive Evolution name for SUV-coupe

20th Sep 2017 5:05 pm

Mitsubishi has previewed a new concept ahead of its unveiling at the Tokyo motor show next month.


The e-Evolution concept is a four-wheel-drive SUV coupe that marks the brand’s future under the new Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance. Staying true to other concepts showcased at recent motor shows, it continues to remain a low-slung coupe-like SUV with four-wheel-drive and an electric powertrain. This car will be the first to use Mitsubishi’s Evolution moniker since the last Lancer Evolution X Final Edition sold in 2015.

Even though the car has not been confirmed for production, this model indicates Mitsubishi’s future direction as a brand. The Japanese manufacturer describes the concept as a flagship; they also suggested that the car will showcase the company’s future direction in terms of styling and powertrains.

The car is rather important for Mitsubishi’s future as it is the brand’s first product since it was acquired in 2016 by Nissan, bringing Mitsubishi into the Renault-Nissan Alliance. The alliance is now known as Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi. The concept is designed to appeal to a number of people and help the brand get back on its feet.

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