Mercedes cuts prices of locally-assembled models

Mercedes cuts prices of locally-assembled models

25th May 2017 7:18 pm

Company says the lowered rates are aimed at passing on GST benefits to the customers.


Mercedes has announced a revision in pricing of all its locally-assembled models on sale in India. The automaker says that it has lowered the prices of its models to pass on the benefits of the upcoming GST rates to customers with immediate effect.

Mercedes says that the drop in prices ranges between 2 percent and 9 percent depending on the different tax structures and local body taxes currently in effect in various states across the country. As per a source, the revision in pricing is set to range from Rs 1.2 lakh for the automaker’s smallest locally-assembled models such as the CLA to Rs 7 lakh for models such as the Mercedes-Maybach S500. Official prices will be released tomorrow.

While GST is yet to be rolled out, the early price-cut has come before may be to keep sales going as buyers otherwise would be hesitant to purchase this month since luxury cars are expected to get affordable under the uniform tax structure. Sources indicate that these new rates for Merc's locally-assembled cars are transitional and will be in effect only until the official implementation of GST in July.

ModelPost-GST pricePre-GST price
A 180 SportRs 27.45 lakhRs 27.57 lakh
A 200d SportRs 28.45 lakhRs 28.58 lakh
B 180 SportRs 29.45 lakhRs 29.58 lakh
B 200d SportRs 30.45 lakhRs 30.59 lakh
GLA 200 SportRs 32.20 lakhRs 35.17 lakh
GLA 200d StyleRs 30.65 lakhRs 33.12 lakh
GLA 200d SportRs 33.85 lakhRs 36.24 lakh
GLA 220d 4matic SportRs 36.75 lakhRs 39.23 lakh
C 200 Avantgarde Rs 40.52 lakhRs 42.10 lakh
C 220d StyleRs 38.55 lakhRs 40.05 lakh
C 220d Avantgarde Rs 41.48 lakhRs 43.10 lakh
C 250d AvantgardeRs 44.83 lakhRs 46.58 lakh
E 200 Rs 54.56 lakhRs 55.80 lakh
E 220d Rs 55.52 lakhRs 57.70 lakh
E 350d Rs 67.49 lakhRs 69.00 lakh
GLE 250dRs 61.89 lakhRs 64.32 lakh
GLE 350dRs 71.73 lakhRs 74.55 lakh
GLE 400Rs 72.06 lakhRs 74.89 lakh
GLS 350dRs 79.06 lakhRs 83.00 lakh
GLS 400Rs 79.06 lakhRs 83.00 lakh
GLC 300 SportRs 50.37 lakhRs 52.34 lakh
GLC 220d StyleRs 46.49 lakhRs 48.30 lakh
GLC 220d SportRs 49.98 lakhRs 51.93 lakh
S 350d Connoisseur’s EditionRs 1.17 croreRs 1.21 crore
S 400 L Connoisseur’s EditionRs 1.28 croreRs 1.33 crore

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