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Mercedes-Benz launches C200 CGI

14th May 2010 7:00 am

Mercedes-Benz introduces the direct petrol injection technology in India with the C200 CGI.


Mercedes-Benz has launched its new-generation direct injection (CGI) petrol motor. The turbo-charged direct-injection petrol motor that displaces 1796cc will be the first Mercedes that uses a CGI motor in India.

Unlike other direct injection petrol engines, however, this one has a vital advantage; it can run a genuine lean burn cycle. What this means is that when the motor is not under heavy load, it needs very little fuel to run. The mixture of fuel and air in the cylinder, normally 14 parts of air to one part of fuel, is reduced to a much lower ratio. As a result, the motor runs more efficiently.

Mercedes has replaced the previous four-in-line Kompressor technology with the world’s first spray-guided direct petrol injection. Thus in the C-class, the C 200 CGI replaces the C200 Kompressor in the model range. Introduction of CGI results in an increase in power to 183bhp as well as improved efficiency. Like other direct-injection motors from Audi and Skoda, low engine speed torque is significantly improved on this motor, delivering better acceleration and pulling to the C-class. The motor now produces 29kgm of max torque as compared to 24.4kgm in the outgoing model.

Its Piezo injectors can manage multiple injections, just like a modern common-rail diesel. The C-class can run in lean burn mode as high as 120kph, with efficiency up a claimed 10 percent. The C200 CGI will only be available in the Avantgarde trim variant retailing at Rs 34.57 lakh (on-road, Mumbai).

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