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Jaguar Land Rover cars to be electrified from 2020

13th Sep 2017 7:00 am

All models will come with either a fully electric, a plug-in hybrid or a mild-hybrid option.


Every new Jaguar Land Rover model launched from 2020 will have an electrified variant, the company has confirmed. The move means that all new JLR models from that date will offer either a fully electric, plug-in hybrid or a 48V mild-hybrid option within their individual line-ups.

Honda has recently confirmed that all of its new models from 2020 on will have an electrified variant, starting with its fifth-generation CR-V.

The announcement differs from Volvo’s recent assertion that all of its models will be electrified, starting from 2019. In that case, every single model in the Volvo range will be fully electric, plug-in hybrid or 48V mild-hybrid vehicles.

JLR has not specified its definition of a mild-hybrid vehicle, because it has not yet announced such a model in the public domain. However, we expect it to echo a JLR prototype called Concept_e MHEV. This mild-hybrid is based on a Range Rover Evoque donor vehicle and features a prototype 90hp diesel engine with a 48V electrical system.

Jaguar’s first electric model, the I-Pace SUV, will go on sale next year, while a Range Rover update, due later this year, is expected to contain new hybrid variants.

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