Jaguar E-type EV stars at the Royal Wedding

Jaguar E-type EV stars at the Royal Wedding

22nd May 2018 5:58 pm

Newlyweds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle drove to their evening reception in the one-off E-type Zero.


Royal Wedding ceremonies are a pretty classy affair, and the cars that are part of the proceedings are quintessentially British. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding this past weekend was no different. This time, their ride of choice was a Jaguar E-type; but what made this E-type special was that it was the Zero – a one-off, all-electric concept from Jaguar's Classic division, which was revealed last year.

To refresh your memory, the E-type Zero is a restored Series 1.5 Roadster. It’s identical to the original in its specifications, but gets LED headlights, as well as redone instruments and fascia. An electric powertrain developing 220kW (299hp) was specially designed for the E-type Zero. Its lithium-ion battery pack has the same dimensions (and weighs the same) as the XK six-cylinder engine used in the original E-type. That being said, it's actually 46kg lighter than the original.

The Jaguar E-type Zero is quicker than an original E-type: 0-100kph takes a claimed 5.5sec, which is about a second quicker than a Series 1.

The car uses an electric powertrain which has weight and dimensions similar to the original's petrol engine and transmission. This means the car’s structure – including the suspension and brakes – haven't been changed. Jaguar says the E-type Zero shares some technology and components with the I-Pace, Jaguar Land Rover’s first production EV.

The E-type Zero has a ‘real world’ range of 270km, but Prince Harry only needed to drive it for about 3km for the evening reception, from Windsor Castle to Frogmore House.

Jaguar has stated that it will "investigate bringing this concept to market”, and you can be sure that if it does, it'll feature at many more weddings in the future.


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