i10 goes Electric at Expo 2010

6th Jan 2010 8:00 am

Hyundai showcased the Electric i10 at Auto Expo.

Hyundai has displayed an all-electric version of its i10 at the Auto Expo. Shahrukh Khan, the brand ambassador of the i10 was present at the time of its unveiling.

The i10 Electric marks a change in strategy for Hyundai, which has previously distanced itself from producing all-electric vehicles in favour of hybrid and hydrogen fuel-cell technology in the European markets.

The i10 Electric’s power comes from a 49kw electric motor and a 16kw lithium-ion polymer battery. Lithium-ion polymer batteries are lighter and more durable than more common nickel hydride batteries, offering a 30 per cent weight drop, 40 per cent volume drop and 12 per cent efficiency boost. The batteries and motor are kept cool by an electric water pump.

One of the i10 electric’s main selling points is its fast charge system, which can charge up the battery to 85 per cent capacity in 15 minutes from a 413V power source. A full 100 per cent charge takes up to five hours.

The i10 Electric can achieve 100 miles on a single charge. Its top speed is 80mph and 0-62mph occurs in 15 secs. The electric motor produces 155lb ft of torque.

Also on display was the Genesis concept, a full-grown rear-wheel drive luxury car that was first displayed as a concept at the New York International Show way back in 2007.

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