Fortuner, Autocar go off-roading

Fortuner, Autocar go off-roading

27th Jul 2010 7:00 am

Fortuner 4WD boot camp in association with Autocar India.


Toyota Kirloskar Motor in association with Autocar India held the Fortuner 4WD Boot Camp on July 23-24, exclusively for Toyota Fortuner owners.

The off-roading experience was held at a specially designed course covering man made obstacles like steep inclines and articulation, and natural obstacles like water bodies and slush fields. After couple of demo-track runs and safety displays, the energised customers at the boot camp were able to safely take their vehicles through areas they would never dare to take through.

On the track, these first-time off-roaders were accompanied by experts giving vital tips on do’s and don’ts while off-roading. Some "lucky" customers who managed to get their SUVs stuck in the slush were also fortunate enough to be given a crash course in off-road recovery.

The favourite section of the track by far was the tough drive through a pond of water which grew deeper and deeper as the rain lashed down on the second day of the camp.

Have a look at the exhilarating images of the on-track action here.

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