Castrol GP Predictor winners announced

Castrol GP Predictor winners announced

27th Nov 2013 2:41 pm

Here's a list of the winners of the Castrol GP contest.


Name of the winning team:

The team with the most points in The Castrol Edge GP Predictor Contest is vroom-myteam, owned by Hareesh Makam. The winner has scored 904 points overall.

Here's a list of the winners of the Castrol GP contest

Winners for the Brazillian GP are: 

1st place: Subhash Chandran
2nd place: Abhishek Mathur
3rd place: Aakash Sardana     

Winners for the Abu Dhabi GP are: 

1st place: Christopher Creado
2nd place: Abilash Bg
3rd place: Georgie Mathew

Winners for the Indian GP are: 

1st place: Sangamnath Kugore
2nd place: Thomas Idicula
3rd place: Manish Mithagare

Winners for the Singapore GP are:

1st place: Ratish Narayanan (BYOBB)
2nd place: Madhu Gowda (ForceM)
3rd place: Vikram Kumar (Raikkone)

Winners for the Korean GP are:

1st place: Christopher Creado (sam002)
2nd place: Rachit Kakkar (F1 Racank)
3rd place: Nitin Pethkar (NITISWAP)

Winners for the Japanese GP are:

1st place: Arpit Kumar (Force India Karthikeyan)
2nd place: Mukund Surendranath (Team Altius)
3rd place: Shankar Narayanan GR (GRS Racing)

There are still another four rounds to go in the 2013 championship, starting with the Indian GP this weekend (25-27 October, 2013).

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