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Bugatti Divo unveiled

25th Aug 2018 12:10 pm

Limited to 40 units, the Chiron-based Divo uses the same 1,500hp W16 engine but gets a raft of modifications to make it even faster around a track.


Bugatti has revealed its new Divo hypercar, an even faster model based on the already mad Chiron, at the ongoing Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Despite a price tag of GBP 4.5 million (approximately Rs 40.3 crore, which makes it the most expensive car currently on sale), all 40 units of the limited edition hypercar have already been spoken for.

The Divo features bespoke exterior styling, a modified chassis and improved aerodynamics. All of this has resulted in a claimed eight-second improvement on the Chiron’s lap time around the Nardo handling circuit.

Described as the “modern interpretation of Bugatti’s coachbuilding division”, the Divo has been named after two-time Targa Florio winner Albert Divo. It features an aggressive redesign, especially at the front which now gets a large front splitter that increases downforce and feeds air to the enlarged intakes, and new vertically oriented LED headlights.

Bugatti has paid great attention to improve brake and powertrain cooling through a raft of new inlets across the bonnet and wings. The roof has also been altered to form an air duct that is meant to optimise the flow of cold air through a specially designed engine cover.

The rear of the Divo gets a new height-adjustable spoiler that is 23 percent wider than the Chiron’s. It shares the same air braking function with its road-going sibling, while there are new rear lights made from 3D printed fins, 44 of which light up to produce a striking effect.

The result of all the bodywork changes is a 90kg improvement in downforce, increasing maximum lateral cornering forces to 1.6g.

The chassis fine-tuning was aimed at making the Divo sharper and more agile in the bends than the Chiron. Increased camber - necessary for the desired handling characteristics - has seen the top speed limited to 380kph, while the steering and suspension have been tweaked to ensure a more direct response to inputs. Lightweight wheels, carbon fibre parts and reduced insulation contribute to a 35kg weight saving.

The cabin features new, more supportive seats and a redesigned Alcantara steering wheel. The interiors also feature a variety of new materials, with a two-tone effect mirroring the external paintwork.

There are no changes to the Chiron’s 8.0-litre, quad-turbo W16 engine, which makes the same 1,500hp sending power to all-four-wheels via a 7-speed dual clutch transmission. The 0-100kph time is quoted at 2.4 seconds, which is the same as the Chiron’s.

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