Bajaj RE60 CNG could give 40km per kg

Bajaj RE60 CNG could give 40km per kg

24th Mar 2015 3:16 pm

Bajaj will launch the RE60 in petrol and CNG; will be powered by a 200cc engine.


Bajaj has been testing its RE60 ultra-low-cost vehicle for many years now. This time around, however, our spy image shows an RE being tested on CNG. Bajaj has always believed that fantastic fuel economy is the only way to sell an ultra-low-cost vehicle, and is the reason the RE60 will have a CNG version right off the blocks. What impressed was the test figure of around 40km per kg of CNG mentioned after a quick chat with an engineer on hand.

And while the figure may not have been very precise or accurate, even something close to that would make it the cost-per-kilometre champion as far as four-wheelers are concerned. It’s not much of a surprise; with its claimed weight of approximately 400kg and just a 200cc engine, physics is on its side. Question is, will it be good enough to replace the ultra convenient three-wheelers the company also produces?


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