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Audi E-tron rolls off production line ahead of launch

5th Sep 2018 4:30 pm

German carmaker’s first electric SUV generates 408hp and 664Nm of torque; does 0-100kph in less than six seconds.


Audi has put its first full-electric car, the E-tron SUV, into volume production at its factory in Brussels, which has been comprehensively reworked to produce electric vehicles.

The car, which is due to be revealed on September 17, will feature a maximum power output of 408hp and torque of 664Nm, which will enable it to reach 100kph in less than six seconds. It will have an electronically limited top speed of 200kph.

It will be powered by a dual-motor powertrain using a 95kWh lithium ion battery and capable of 150kW DC fast charging. The latter is claimed as a world first and is 30kW more rapid than Tesla's Supercharger network. It can charge the car in just 30 minutes.

Under normal driving conditions, the combined power of the car's two motors is 355hp, with torque of 561Nm of torque, although a boost mode unlocks the full 407.6hp for up to eight seconds.

Audi says the E-tron's regenerative braking system can recuperate up to 30 percent of the car's total range. The company claims the system can reduce braking distance by up to 20 percent.

Audi previously showed interior images of the E-tron, including the cameras in the front passenger doors that will enable the world's first 'virtual' exterior mirrors. This new tech will be optional.

That also suggests the E-tron will be badged 55 under Audi’s new naming system, which has been introduced to put combustion-engined, hybrid and battery-powered electric vehicles on an even footing in the hierarchy. Audi has also raised the possibility of Audi Sport-tuned versions of the E-tron.

Audi has opted not to launch its electric cars under a sub-brand, in the way BMW has with its ‘i’ models and Mercedes-Benz with the EQ range. Instead, it's using E-tron, which has been a suffix on Audi's hybrid cars, as a model name in its own right. Mercedes-Benz unveiled its EQC electric SUV recently, which is a rival to Audi’s E-tron electric SUV.

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