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2018 Ares Panther: new images and details revealed

12th Aug 2018 7:00 am

Lamborghini Huracán-based Panther undergoing public testing in camouflage; 21-unit limited build of bespoke V10 supercar begins in October.


Ares Design has confirmed the Panther name for its Lamborghini Huracán-based supercar. Due to the complexity of production and demand for exclusivity from buyers, the production run is strictly limited to 21 units, with the first models leaving its factory in Modena, Italy, in October.

A camouflaged development prototype of the Panther is currently being tested on the roads around the company's base in Modena, Italy. Ares Design, headed by former Lotus boss Dany Bahar, has also confirmed that all of 2018's build slots have been accounted for. The model is being produced as the first of the design house's several custom designs based on the Huracán’s platform.

The car’s design influence comes from the De Tomaso Pantera – an exotic Italian supercar produced in 1971. The Panther's fold-down headlights and rear buttresses are clear nods to that car’s shape, but the new supercar receives a modern touch in way of large-diameter wheels and handle-free doors. The Panther will also feature Pirelli P Zero rubber with F1-inspired coloured strips.

Beneath its coachbuilt body, the Panther uses the Huracán's underpinnings and a 5.2-litre V10 engine – the sole mass-produced unit to use 10 cylinders in production – which puts out 641bhp (39bhp more than the standard Huracán) and the same 560Nm of torque as the Lamborghini. No performance figures have been released by the company yet.

In addition to the Panther, Ares Design's recently announced Modena facility will also handle the production of Ares’ growing range of offerings, which recently expanded to include the Mercedes-Benz G-class and Bentley Mulsanne-based models. Bahar’s design company is also creating 53 bespoke Land Rover Defenders in conjunction with the British engineering firm JE MotorWorks.

“Our new facility in Modena works perfectly for the growing market of special requests from car enthusiasts and Project Panther is the first of a portfolio of cars – and other surprises - that we will be presenting at an official opening in January,” revealed Dany Bahar.

Despite its current spot atop Ares’ range, the Panther could be trumped by a higher-ranking model within a year. The company boss has big plans for Ares Design to become a global leader in bespoke car creations and expand to incorporate the complete process of custom car production. Bahar said “there is much more to come” in the next few years.

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