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  • Waist-flap could be longer for crouching comfort.
    Waist-flap could be longer for crouching comfort.
  • Good fasteners.
    Good fasteners.
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Mototech Scrambler Air jacket review

11th May 2018 7:00 am

A good all-round jacket with an affordable price tag.

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For me, riding in all kinds of weather and often pushing the extreme is an occupational hazard. So I was looking for a jacket that would feature mesh in prominence but could also be adapted to a cooler and wetter climate. In other words, I had the same problem as most of you do – I wanted one jacket to do it all. That’s when I reached out to the good chaps at the Mumbai-based store, Outdoor Travel Gear.

I’ve been a regular customer with OTG and was one of the first to try out a jacket from its motorcycle-specific sub-brand, Mototech, back in 2015. In 2017, Mototech launched a new jacket (its best yet, by a huge margin) – the Scrambler Air, and since I was offered the option of neon green on black, I bought one without apprehension. At Rs 6,450, I was certainly not pinching my pocket. And given what it offers, it was a terrific price to pay. The Scrambler Air features mesh in abundance, with the abdominal area, inner arms and back getting it in a well-stitched manner. It gets CE Level 1-rated armour (as any credible jacket must) on the elbows and shoulders, as well as a foam pad for the back. This armour, interestingly, can be upgraded individually to Level 2, as well; in other words, you can buy the shoulder/elbow armour separately.

In the five months I’ve owned it, it has been put through daily commutes, a couple of off-roading stints, and even a particularly chilly ride in the US. Thankfully, standard equipment includes a warm liner as well as a tape-seamed rain liner that are neatly finished and easy to attach. I’ve tested only the warm liner so far and it does the job really well.

Now for the things you need to look out for. Sizing is a wee bit tighter than it suggests; I had to opt for a 3XL instead of my regular 2XL. Thankfully, the Mototech team is easy to reach out to and will help you pick the right size, as per your measurements. Secondly, I’d have liked the waist flap at the back to be longer and with some padding – at the moment it results in a motorcycling fashion faux pas every time I emulate a full racing crouch. After four months of daily use, I lost the pull tab on the primary zip, which was independent of the slider; Mototech will address this later in the year. Lastly, the version I bought only features a pocket near the lower abdominal area with a Velcro strip and misses a more secure mobile phone pocket, usually seen as a zippered enclosure closer to the chest. This, fortunately, has been added to the updated Scrambler Air currently on sale. It’s good to see an Indian gear manufacturer being so prompt with feedback and development. You have the option of six colours, by the way – black, grey, green, orange, blue and red.

The Scrambler Air, all things considered, is not just a good jacket but also a terrific incentive for you to stop making excuses about being gearless due to a tight budget!

Where: www.mototech.in or www.outdoortravelgear.com
Price: Rs 6,450

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