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FreedConn TCOM Bluetooth headset review

9th May 2018 8:00 am

A Bluetooth headset at a very reasonable price.

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The FreedConn TCOM Bluetooth headset comes with and without a screen, with the choice of either a fixed microphone suitable for open-face helmets or a soft-wired microphone suited for full-face helmets. You can even get both the mics at an additional cost.

The headset I have been using every day for the last six months is the model with the screen and the soft-wired mic. Once ordered, the product takes around 15-20 days to arrive from China and comes well-packaged. The headset also comes with two mounting options – a sticky mount and a clamp-type mount; both mounts work well. Installation is easy if your helmet has been designed to fit a headset. In my case, the helmet is an AGV K3 SV and the headset installed easily. The Velcro backs of the speakers and microphone mount directly into the helmet. However, if your helmet isn’t headset-friendly, you will have to use the sticky Velcro tapes and mount the speakers behind the padding of the helmet. Keep in mind, this will considerably lower the sound output; but it will still be audible, depending on your helmet’s sound insulation.

I have used the headset in different weather conditions, including rain and had no problems, so far. The headset has a number of functions: intercom with up to three other headsets, FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity for music and even answering calls. The intercom function is cumbersome and time-consuming to pair. However, it does work well and has a decent range. The FM function has surprisingly good reception but for some reason, the audio quality suffers in this mode. The Bluetooth music and calling function is where this headset really shines – decent sound quality with audible output at speeds up to 150kph. Considering most other headsets start at three times the price, calling the FreedConn TCOM headset good value for money is an understatement.

Where: www.aliexpress.com
Price: Rs 3,000

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