Lohia Auto showcases new e-rickshaws

Lohia Auto showcases new e-rickshaws

28th Dec 2016 6:00 pm

Lohia Auto Industries showcased its new range of solar-powered e-rickshaws at the EV Expo 2016 in New Delhi.

Lohia Auto showcased its Humrahi solar-powered e-rickshaw and Narain hydraulic tipper e-rickshaw. Apart from these two, the company also displayed India’s first electric three-wheeler auto designed and developed as a futuristic mode of local transportation. The new modified versions of ‘Humrahi’ and ‘Narain’ are improved and customised vehicles designed especially for saving electricity.

“A normal battery rickshaw has to use conventional form of electricity to charge the batteries. With the solar e-rickshaw, one can charge batteries on the run during sunny days. Solar powered e-rickshaw increases the efficiency of the vehicle, and solar panel increases its mileage by 10-15 percent with a life cycle of 10 years,” said Lohia Auto in an official statement.

Further, the Narain hydraulic tipper e-rickshaw comes with a payload capacity of 350kg. It comes with a hydraulic system to unload materials and is designed for delivery and garbage collection.

Commenting on the unveiling of new range of e-rickshaw, Ayush Lohia, CEO, Lohia Auto Industries said, “We have showcased the innovative model of Narain, as a hydraulic tipper, and Humrahi, with solar panel. We are committed to our vision to provide green mobility to the country and look forward to consistent innovation towards developing products for the Indian electric vehicles market. Given the urgent need to combat rising pollution levels in India’s big cities, we have also showcased India’s first electric three-wheeler auto. So far, three-wheelers either run on diesel or compressed natural gas. The shift to e-three-wheelers will go a long way in curbing emission of harmful gases. The three-wheeler comes equipped with 5.7 kW motor and has the capacity to seat three passengers. With the pollution levels growing at an alarming rate, restorative steps in the form of electric vehicles are the need of the hour.”

The company has also showcased its first lithium-ion battery electric two-wheeler, ‘OmaStar Li’. Lohia claims the charging time of the model will be less than three hours, which, in case of other electric scooters is, 6 to 7 hours. The company has also claimed the battery life cycle to be more than 1,000 cycles.

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