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Kawasaki ZX-25R dyno figures revealed

23rd Jun 2020 9:00 am

Claimed figures indicate that the stock ZX-25R will make 41.4hp at 15,350rpm and 20.8Nm at 12,700rpm.

Kawasaki has put out a number of videos of the ZX-25R over the past couple months, and while they’ve revealed a lot about the motorcycle, there is one key element that the Japanese manufacturer still has under wraps - the engine specifications. However, an Indonesia-based blog has now revealed that it has got its hands on the dyno figures of the ZX-25R.

The source claims that exhaust specialists Akrapovic shared a sheet with the dyno figures of the ZX-25R equipped with a stock exhaust, in comparison to the figures produced by the bike equipped with one of their exhausts. We checked the company's website, but the data sheet is no longer there. However, these figures seem accurate since Layz Motor, a store for aftermarket parts in Jakarta, Indonesia, shared what looks like an official brochure image of the Akrapovic exhaust for the ZX-25R. This image reveals an increase in output figures identical to that on the data sheet. According to it, the dyno run of the stock bike saw 41.4hp at 15,350rpm and a peak torque output of 20.8Nm at 12,700rpm.

Now, keep in mind that dynos show horsepower and torque at the rear wheel, which is generally about 10-15 percent less than those recorded at the crank, and is what most manufacturers claim. By that logic, the ZX-25R should make somewhere between 45-47hp, which is what we have been estimating all along.

The official numbers from Kawasaki are still a mystery, but it does seem like the ZX-25R will come with specifications not too far off from the numbers quoted above.

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