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Top 3 Cars for Family Vacations

29th Mar 2009 7:00 am

Planning a summer holiday or just a weekend getaway?


Drive off on your dream vacation to the beaches of Goa or the Lake Palace in Udaipur. We recommend the right set of wheels for your family that offers space, comfort, reliability and economy.

Toyota Innova:

Toyotas have always been a part of tales of travel. Be it a trip to the North Pole or an expedition in Africa. Toyota’s are known for their bulletproof reliability and the Innova is no exception. Other than that it offers everything you need - a diesel engine, lots of space, comfortable ride and handling and reasonable ground clearance. Rear air conditioning vents help keep all the passengers cool.

Skoda Octavia:
The Octavia is well built and rides well over broken surfaces. Its 1.9TDi engine is refined and the car can clock up high mileages with ease. And its pretty gifted at stretching a litre of diesel too. The Octavia’s large trunk will swallow the picnic basket, the bicycle & the two room tent. The tank like build quality makes sure it’ll keep doing that for years. 

Mahindra Renault Logan:
The Logan is reliable and its diesel engine is fuel efficient. The simple looking car has a lot of brilliance underneath. The Logan is generous on space to its passengers and rides well over bumpy surfaces.  Its easy-on-the-wallet price tag makes it all the more attractive.
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